Rohan Leveling Guide

Leveling Guide!

There are three principal techniques to level your character in rohan online and i will explain each and every of them.


This way of leveling is not advisable for grinding purposes unless you have not selection. Prior to you uncover a party to grind its actually a great idea to get your quests out of the way very first. You get some genuinely excellent exp and very good things/gears this way. If you cannot locate a party some quests are repeatable for exp and crons so this may possibly be an option for you. In basic solo grinding is slow even so may run into a super fast spawn that you can continually kill quickly in a couple of hits. These spawns are greatest farmed for exp when they are your same level or a small bit reduce. This is uncommon to locate a spawn like this that is not crowded and if you are fortunate it will be bare and you can kill all the mobs you want at a rapidly pace.

Celebration Grinding in Dungeon

This is prolly the second best way to level in rohan. This also depends and what class you are when grinding in a dungeon. If you are a healer, dark elf, archer kind you might have alot of problems staying alive in the starting dungeons. You may possibly die much more instances then its worth and will not be really productive. Howerver tank variety characters will level very fast in dungeons and hardly ever die… Effectively unless the whole party dies and they get mobbed by counltess monsters. So its extremely crucial to find a Very good HEALER. Yet another fantastic bonus about grinding in a dungeon is that you can receive some pretty nice gears and some orbs/talent stones. You will also run across a boss right here and there to get some further exp boost and some wonderful items.

High Level Mob Grind

In my opinion this is the greatest way to level your character. Typically you want a team of 3-four individuals and you have to have a HEALER. I advocate a Tank, Healer, 2 damage dealers. The concept is to go and discover mobs ten-15 levels greater than your characters and start off killing them. You would be shocked how fast you can kill them as the damage dealers kill them quite quickly. You can also have 3 damage dealers and 1 healer and take turns pulling mobs in and then rooting them. Early in the game you can easily get 2-three levels an hour this way but as you obtain a greater level you will start off to slow down a bit obviously. Tip: if you die in a celebration with no healer just respawn back to town and leave party. Then you can register in party matching and you will be reinvited back to party and teleport there. Make confident you have lots of summoning stones!


By mixturing in these 3 varieties of leveling you can level at a extremely fast pace and get some fantastic gears along the way. These are the best methods that i have located to maximize the amount of time playing the game so i hope you enjoyed this guide and level super rapidly 🙂

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