Role of Ibn e Insha in Promoting Urdu

The Urdu enthusiasts must always be very thankful to Ibn e Insha, for he is a great man, who alone did so much for the promotion of Urdu.

The grandeur of ibn e Insha is hard to be matched by any other person who claims to be a lover of the Urdu language and who wants to work for the cause of the promotion of the Urdu language.

Ibn e Insha as a writer

Exploring Ibn e Insha’s profile as an Urdu writer may surprise many people.Ibn e Insha was not just an ordinary prose writer who spends life writing in one niche. Ibn e Insha carved out several niches for him and was highly successful in each one of them.

Ibn e Insha as a humorist

Ibn e Insha was a great humorist. In every capacity of being an Urdu writer, Ibn e Insha used to incorporate humor in his writings. This is a reason why he was loved by the masses. His books are always fun to read. Famous books of Ibn e Insha as a humorist are Dunya Gol Hai and Khumar-e-Gandum.

Ibn e Insha as a columnist

Ibn e Insha used to write extremely funny columns regularly. On the surface, the columns seemed to be funny. However, in fact these columns were a way to point out the social issues.

Ibn e Insha as a travelogue writer

Ibn e Insha used to travel a lot. This is because he was a civil servant and was in the foreign services department. His travelogues were funny as well as highly informative.

Ibn e Insha as a poet

The following Urdu poem explains the potential of Ibn e Insha as an Urdu poet.

Insha jee utho ab kooch karo, iss shehar maiN jee koe lagaana kya
Vehshee koe sakooN say kya matlab, jogee ka nagar maiN thekaana kya

Pher hijar kee lumbee raat yahaN, sanjoog key toe bus aik ghaRhee
Joe dil maiN hay, lub par Aanay doe, sharmana kya, ghabrana kya

Iss dil kay dareeda daaman maiN, dekho toe sahee, socho toe sahee
Jiss jholee maiN saw chaid hou’ay uss jholee ka phelaana kya

Shub guzree, chaand bhee doob gaya, zanjeer paRee darvaazay par
KyuN dair ga’ay ghar Aa’ay hoe, sajnee say karo gay bahaana kya

Rehtay hoe joe hum say door bohat, majboor hoe tum, majboor bohat
Hum samjhoN ka samjhaana kya, hum behloN ka behlaana kya

Jub shehar kay loag na rasta daiN, kyuN bun maiN na jaa bus raam karaiN
DeevanoN key see na baath karay toe aur karay deevaana kya

Ibn e Insha as the founder of the Urdu popular fiction digests

Ibn e Insha always understood the potential of Urdu as the national language and wanted to promote it. Therefore, he came up with an ingenious idea. He started Urdu popular fiction monthly digests. The names of these digest are Khawateen Digest, Shua, and Kiran. These Urdu digest are very popular among women and playing a great role in the promotion of the Urdu language.