RSS, Readers and Subscribe – Really Simple Syndication

RSS Feeds is a quick and easy way to read content online. More and more articles and news based websites are offering RSS Feeds. This is one way to give your visitors an easy way to get your content. Your visitors can come to your website, view or subscribe to it through a reader. This is one way to help your website become part of the Web 2.0 Evolution.

Really Simple Syndication Feeds

RSS also know as Really Simple Syndication is a web format that you can post your information on. This information or content you provide can be your blog, news, article or even podcasts. Your feed can contain your full article or a summery with a link to your content. This can give your visitors a quick and easy way to keep up with your site, without actually coming to your site. The number one best feature about feeds is that they update automatically. Each time you update your page with new content, the RSS Feed will notify your subscribers that there is new content.

Visitors can Subscribe for Updates

With your document placed on your website, your visitor can now enhance it to another level. There is software that will let them subscribe, so they can easily check on what’s going on. To subscribe to a feed you must have software. There is different software on the web for RSS Feeds, like RSS Reader, Feed Reader, Internet Explorer 7+ and Firefox 3+. Once subscribed to your RSS Feed it will dynamically update and notify you when there is a new article, blog or update. Feeds make it very easy for your subscribers to see the newest content.

Multiple Version Formats

There are different RSS Feed versions used today:

RSS 2.0 – Really Simple Syndication
RSS 1.0 & 0.90 – RDF Site Summary
RSS 0.91 – Rich Site Summary

Most websites are using the 2.0 Version. It is the newest version and is very stable.

RSS 2.0 Example Code

Website Title

Website URL

RSS Description


Article, Blog or News Title

Article, Blog or News URL

Short Pitch on what your content is about.

RSS Feed Example

RSS Article, Blog or News Title

Monday, March 23, 2009, 9:50:55 PM | user

Short Pitch on your RSS Feed Article, Blog or News Content.

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Very Easy to Implement

Feeds are very easy to learn and use. It should be something to consider when developing your website. Your website is giving your visitors a quick and easy way to get their content and giving them a subscription to get new content. There shouldn’t be any other reason not to. A RSS Feed can keep regular visitor visiting and give you backlinks to your website. There are also RSS directories that can help get you new traffic.