Rugby – An Amazing Sport

The sport of Rugby is an amazing sport which is played by people all over the world. It is a very common sport of more than hundred countries and is widely played in UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, France, Argentina, Japan, USA, and many others. It is also referred to as the World’s first premiere football using oval ball.

Rugby sport gets its name from the Rugby school in England and the game is supposed to have been started in the early 1820s and from there the contemporary form of the game has been formulated wherein it consists of two teams each having its own set of 15 players. The prime part of the game is that the ball of the game is not spherical but almost oval in shape and is quite pointed at the two edges. The game revolves around the point that both the teams need to score goals in the opposite team’s goal and the goal posts usually represent the ‘H’ letter.

An area named as ‘in-goal’ is of great importance in this game. In rugby, if a team is able to reach the opposite team’s in-goal area then they score ‘try’ points for being able to achieve the result and in turn get the chance to score a goal too in the H lettered goal post of the opposite team.

The only way by which the players can be stopped from scoring a goal, is by ‘tackling’ the players and by tackling what we mean is that the players can stop each other or even have the liberty to throw them on the ground. Usually, a game of rugby consists of two half games of 40 minutes each.

Rugby league and the rugby union are the two varieties of rugby games played around the world and the distinction into two parts was made mainly because of the fact that there have been separate opinions on the topic of how the players should be treated if they got injured in the grounds during the game of rugby. When we refer to rugby, we are actually conferring to the rugby union, since it is more popular than rugby league, but UK, New Zealand, Australia and Papua New Guinea are some of those countries wherein rugby league is widely popularized.

Usually, the master of all the rugby games is the Rugby World Cup which is like Olympics and occurs once in every four years. The next world cup is in 2011 and this match provides the chance to the rugby teams all over the world to explore and exhibit their passion and skills.

Apart from the Rugby World Cup, we also have the Rugby League World Cup wherein the member nations who are part of the Rugby League International Federation (RLIF) participate in the tournaments. There is no particular schedule for these matches and it is announced that the next league World Cup will be held in UK in 2013.

The rugby union is governed by the International Rugby Board or the IRB which has its head-quarters in Dublin. In short, the game of rugby has emerged as a popular sport which interests both the spectators and the players equally.
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