Saddle Your Discomfort to New Synthetic Saddles

Synthetic saddles are a recent development in the history of Saddles. The first saddle was just a piece of cloth on horse which horsemen used, to reduce the discomfort while riding horses. Saddles became more convenient and elaborate with time. There are various types of saddles used today: English saddle, Western Saddle, Military saddle, Dressage Saddle, Asian Saddle and many more. Horse saddles are usually made of leather. But saddle makers also use synthetic material these days. It is only when we understand history we can understand our present and future needs better because inventions that took place in past lead to development in future. Synthetic saddles are designed to fit the needs of modern world. Though many people still prefer traditional leather saddles, a lot of people are going for synthetic ones too.

The advantages of these can be analyzed as:  

•  Unlike leather saddles, these saddles are easy to clean and wash. Leather saddles require more maintenance. With synthetic ones you can escape the task of oiling your leather saddle and washing them with glycerine soap. They are also light in weight than leather saddles and therefore reducing the load for your horse. Synthetic saddles are durable and water resistant.

•  Though Leather saddles lasts longer than synthetic ones, they are quiet expensive. Synthetic saddles are comparatively cheaper and if proper care is taken they will last for around 10 years. It is wise to purchase a synthetic saddle than an expensive leather saddle for kids and others who are still learning how to ride.

•  Many synthetic saddles give you the opportunity to customize the fitting of your saddle according to your convenience. So even if you have many horses you don’t have to buy separate saddles for each horse.  One synthetic saddle can fit different horses. Sometimes the shape and size of your horse might change with time. In such cases adjustable synthetic saddles are very convenient. But leather saddles manufacturers very few that provide you with this option.

•  They look more sleek and elegant. Synthetic saddles come in variety of colors and styles. Unlike leather saddles, these come in most bright and vibrant color imaginable.

Buyers should be aware of these pros and cons of both leather and synthetic saddles before they buy any saddle. Synthetic saddles are tailored according to the needs of different people. As it happens with all inventions, saddles also developed with advancement in society. Just like saddle was invented to get rid of the difficulty and discomfort while riding horses, the material of the saddle can solve other issues of its maintenance. Type of a saddle is also status symbol for many buyers. Though synthetic saddles come in a lot of colours, leather saddles come in more flashy styles which are not available in synthetic version. So people can flaunt their expensive leather saddles for special occasions. But synthetic saddles are the best for daily routine.