SafeHarbor: eBay’s Police Department

Safeharbor on eBay can be likening to the police department. If you take place to break any of the rules, or commit an act of fraud, attempt and purchase some thing you are not supposed to, then they will be soon after you.

When You Don’t Spend

This is the most common rule buyer’s break – it really is all also straightforward to just modify your thoughts and try to get out of the auction. EBay regards each and every auction as a contract, and will punish you if you do not go through with your finish of the deal. If you make a decision not to pay then count on to get a couple of nasty warning emails from eBay threatening you with banning if you do it once more. Not to mention, of course, that you’ll get a huge unfavorable ‘DID NOT PAY’ feedback comment from the seller.

So There Are Items You Can not Acquire on eBay?

Of course, yes: more issues that would 1st come to mind. It would make sense for you not to be in a position to acquire firearms or fireworks, eBay are worried about the prospective dangers whilst sending them by means of the post. There are laws in several countries that prohibit the sale of both tobacco and alcohol. You are unable to buy illegal or prescription drugs, lottery tickets or stocks and shares. You can’t acquire underwear also. You can’t acquire any pets like puppies or kittens as animals are banned. If an item infringes on a copyright, like a pirate CD, then they also can not be sold.

EBay’s policy is controversial, not least since it is somewhat random in its enforcement – and there have been accusations that they’re far more responsive to the copyright concerns of big organizations than to auctions for things that may actually be hazardous. If they do determine to go following you or the seller, though, they will cancel the auction and may possibly also suspend your accounts.


EBay is a extremely efficiently run service considering how unregulated it is, but there are still those who are hunting to defraud you. If you take place to be a victim of fraud, for example, you make payment for a solution that never ever turns up, then SafeHarbor will do all the investigating operate for you. EBay’s common acquire production will give you up to $ 200 cash back if the claim you make is effective. Take note that this can take up to many months.

In addition, if you paid by PayPal, then they can generally reverse the transaction comparatively easily and get you far more (if not all) of your funds back. This is yet another purpose why several buyers favor to use PayPal. Several sellers out there are a small terrified of the effectiveness of eBay’s refund program, as they can send their product out to the buyer in excellent faith only to discover out that the buyer was a fraudster and the transaction has now been repelled. If you happen to be worried about achievable acts of fraud, as a buyer, then you need to usually stick with PayPal.