Salient Gifts For Near Ones On Easter 2012

Easter celebration all over the world is never less than Christmas celebration. Easter is actually, the celebration of resurrection of the God, Jesus Christ. Western Christians after repentance fasting, and moderating for 40 days celebrate the last day of Lent as Easter. Easter is specially enjoyed by the children the most. Like Christmas the kids have gifts for them by Santa, in the same way they wait for Easter basket which is a gift to them by the Easter bunny. The idea behind Easter Bunny is the rabbit-spirit. In ancient times, it was known as the ‘Easter Hare’. The reason behind this is, rabbits and hares possess multiple and frequent births which is why they are considered to be a symbol of fertility. The Easter basket is full of candies and chocolates. Candy is quite a recent Easter custom. Candies include chocolate eggs, Jelly Beans, marshmallow chick peeps, and marshmallow eggs etc.

Easter eggs are so very dear to kids. People organize egg hunt for children in which kids are supposed to find the hidden eggs. This is great fun for them and they love this section of the Easter the most. Although this game is largely meant for kids, but the game covers no age constraints. Hiding eggs custom is actually based on the belief that hares lay eggs in grass and because eggs are the seeds of life, it symbolizes the resurrection of God Jesus Christ, bringing Him back to life. Chocolates were not initially the part of Easter basket. But during the 18th century in Europe they were started to being included for the first time in the basket, and since then they became famous world-wide in due course of time. After Christmas, Easter is the 2nd most candy eating festival for Americans.

Easter celebration cannot be complete without jelly beans. It is estimated that approx 16 billion jelly beans are consumed on the Easter day. Easter candies are not only the part of celebration but Easter cakes also play a very important role in celebration. Cakes of different flavor, shape, sizes and themes are prepared for the function. Chocolate cakes shaped like bunny is the most loved cakes by kids. Apart from cakes; cookies, biscuits, chocolate and non chocolate drinks are also on high demand. Readymade Easter baskets are available in the market but some people like to prepare homemade baskets as well. Actually the tradition of making homemade baskets is long into practiced but in today’s busy life style, readymade baskets can help you out.

Easter is very special occasion for Christians where they greet each other by exchanging gifts, greeting cards etc. Easter card is a very special way of greeting your dear ones. Cards really help one to express one’s feeling to other in a simple and sweet way. Easter card can either be prepared at home or can be bought from the market. People use glitters, colors, pearls, crayons, and stickers etc., to decorate their card in the best way. Nowadays musical cards are in fashion. As one opens the musical card they can hear a very soothing tune or some message conveyed to them through the card. It’s a beautiful tradition to be conveyed to each generation.
Sabung Ayam
Buster Williams & Something More

One of jazzs most versatile and esteemed bassists, GRAMMY Award-winner Buster Williams brings his solid, dark tone and highly refined technique (AllMusic) to collaborations with a vast range of vocal, post-bop, and progressive jazz artists. A masterful stylist, The New Yorker calls Williams compositions modern mainstream at its best. Williams co-founded the great jazz combos Timeless All-Stars and Sphere, worked with Betty Carter and Nancy Wilson, and is revered for his exploratory playing in Herbie Hancocks legendary Mwandishi Sextet. Something More features heavy hitters George Colligan (Cassandra Wilson) piano, Steve Wilson (Chick Corea) saxophones, and Lenny White (Return to Forever) drums.Thanks to the Italian Cultural Centre, Vancouver.