Salmonella and E-coli Superbugs Resist Antibiotics

The first question that probably entered your mind is where these came from. Well, British farms are the origin of these viruses. That is why people in medical lab coats continue to research on these, how they may be prevented, how to eliminate them and how to deal with them.

Do you cook sunny side up? Wearing your lab jackets or apron? Chicken’s eggs according to people in medical lab coats are carriers of salmonella. There is one new test about it, and that is contamination of chickens due to campylobacter. What then is that term? It is none other than the ones resistant to antibiotics. But as time passes by, these viruses attacked the farms of Britain and even invaded almost 37% of the dairy farms in the country. Is that it all? Not actually. These can be found in pigs in Britain as well.

Scientists in science lab coats conducted a thorough research about this and it says that even to antibiotics, these viruses in the form of superbugs still subsist. Yes, they are in the form of superbugs. So to what am I leading you? I am saying that we must protect ourselves from these because they may go direct to our food. As the people in lab coats mentioned, the campylobacter being resistant to antibiotics, they may then cause fever and other ailments like cramps in the abdomen as well as diarrhea. Once you already suffer from diarrhea, the next thing that will happen to you is dehydration. What then means if a person is dehydrated?

Well, doctors in white lab coats might still save you but there is also a risk of having the other way around. It is a known fact that our body is 70% water that is why we need to drink a lot of water in order to maintain the equilibrium of our body’s weight. In other words, you must always maintain becoming hydrated.

Now, you are already dehydrated if the amount of water which is coming inside your system is lesser compared to the one emitting from your body. We emit water by sweating, urinating, crying, vomiting and having a bowel movement. So if you are suffering from diarrhea as a consequence of salmonella and e-coli infection, then you might die. That is quite threatening but it is true and it is possible.

In this connection, your doctor in lab coat prescribes that you must drink a lot of water in a day, like 8 glasses in a day or even more, in order for you to replace the amount of water that left your body. If salmonella virus or e-coli one hit your body, the first aid is always water therapy. But this occurs if you can still use your mouth, because if not, what is applicable is intravenous fluid.

Frightening, right? But it is better that we know about these than finding ourselves weak lying in bed and looking at nowhere while being treated by someone wearing a lab coat.