Salt, Bring Business Opportunities To More Than Ten Companies Want To Change Into The Salt Market In

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On TV Drama “Generation Salt” is about to start shooting the occasion, the “Salt System Development and Reform Commission is developing the program,” the news has frequently appeared in press. Change the difficulty of salt where the salt is as lucrative as the rumors, salt, whether or not to change the lives of the people affected … … reporters interviewed yesterday with these issues related to people, although there is not yet baked salt system reform program, but many enterprises have been ahead of the layout for a piece. Change to break the monopoly of salt

“We have received the National Development and Reform Commission is developing the program to change the relevant information of salt.” Salt Authority City, Chongqing City, Salt (Group) Ltd CHEN Yi-kan, said yesterday afternoon after the state issued Reform Commission has organized hand had carried out research on this.

News that the NDRC is leading development of salt industry reform program, currently implemented Salt Franchise system will be broken, and appropriate step towards the market. At present, the program’s general framework has been completed, as the case will be submitted to State Council for approval during the year. “Salt reform has been discussed for nearly five years toward the direction of the market is the ultimate.” CHEN Yi-kan said the drawbacks of monopoly is inefficient, high cost, from the current situation, the salt may be changed by “price liberalization, market liberalization “and other ideas forward. Xue Fang Jiang Jin

all be open salt To break the salt monopoly system, which means either private enterprises or foreign, can plunge into the salt business, existing businesses targeting opportunities in playing the “abacus.”

“As early as 2 months ago, I inspected the salt market in Chongqing.” Livelihood Energy Group “Master” Xue Fang-chuan, the face held the mounds, he plans to start production of industrial salt, and then into salt production and Sell . If possible, fly it several billion yuan is not a problem. He said had been spotted in a reserve Jiangjin 600 tons of salt, according to 25% extraction, total production capacity estimated at 1.5 million tons can be mined two and half years. “Salt and people living rustling-related, I am very optimistic about the prospects for future development.” Xue Fang full name, current business need to obtain Land and Housing Mining Board agreed to salt, salt must undergo approval of the State Development and Reform Commission (annual output of 600,000 tons and above will be granted). If you want to engage in salt production, need to obtain NDRC issued the certificate designated enterprises for producing salt.

Zhong County, Zhejiang enterprises to be salt
The face of Salt City, “itching” enterprise, and energy more than a livelihood. Zhejiang, an electromechanical company intends to invest 400 million yuan salt project launched in the area, annual output of 600,000 tons. “This year in April, Mechanical & Electrical Co., Ltd. Ningbo, Zhejiang Association as the contact on and we started.” Yuan Peng Zhong County Merchants Secretary said that at present, the project is still in the preliminary argument. Xue Fang full disclosure, he learned that want to enter the salt market in Chongqing have been no fewer than 10 companies. In addition to local enterprises, there are many coastal areas of manufacturing enterprises.

From the city of Salt Administration sources said salt is rich in resources of Chongqing, is the one of the mineral salt producing areas, mainly in Wanzhou, Yunyang, Wuxi area, only the salt reserves reached Wanzhou 2860 million tons.

Sound Samuel Chan root: in favor of salts to promote change but need to be cautious

“I support the change of salt, but salt alone is not recommended as a general Condiment Liberalization, reform should proceed carefully. “City Salt Authority, Chongqing Salt (Group) Ltd Samuel Chan said an interview with the root.

He said, salt should be changed based on two premises. First, the adoption of legislation to strengthen market supervision. Currently, for a total of three salt management of domestic laws and regulations, including the “Salt Management Regulations”, “Salt Monopoly,” the “iodized salt to eliminate iodine deficiency against regulations,” the context of the planned economy are developed in the new situation from the exploitation of resources, quality assurance, salt corporate responsibility, supervision system, and further specification. Second is to improve the salt industry, the degree of organization. CHEN Yi-kan, that the current total of more than 4,000 enterprises salt, salt, will usher in open market, “a mighty force,” operating salt inevitable disorder, vicious competitive situation, increase the difficulty of monitoring, in which case should consider the integration of salt production and marketing enterprises, to improve the production scale of the individual salt enterprises, eliminate backward production capacity.

Market liberalization, it has been a monopoly position in the city of Salt (Group) Co., Ltd. to how to respond? CHEN Yi-kan said the company started back in 2007, started on the circulation system. The company introduced a “chain network + excellent service” business model, established 28 000 retail outlets, have an existing sales channels, “if the market open, we will actively participate in the competition through quality, service and reputation to attract tourists . ” SABUNG AYAM