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Saying goes: “open seven things, daily necessities sauce Vinegar Tea. “It is Jan. 7,” Chongqing Evening News “reported that China Salt reform soon, Salt Or to terminate the franchise system. Salt from Chongqing, said sources close to the company, the Corporation has asked the provincial salt companies make preparations for opening up franchise.

Although our lives not get along without salt, but a long time, salt has been in the public discourse is a silent role. This is a topic of public opinion on the salt, iodized salt began in people’s health and safety issues. China has 700 million people once iodine deficiency, iodine deficiency disorders account for the total number of the world, 40%, so salt iodization is considered related to public health well-being of elderly. But regardless of geography, without time limit to all the people eat the salty iodine has resulted in the consequences of going too far, thyroid disease caused by excessive iodine in some places large numbers. Ministry of Health has also come forward position, said the current amount of iodized salt should be appropriately reduced.

People ask, why did not provide non-iodized salt exclusive agency for consumer freedom of choice of salt? A kind of answer is, the non-“scientific superstition” and the slow official reaction to the common cause of iodized salt to dominate the market status quo. However, with another set of data to explain the problem may be more effective. Salt Company purchased from the company’s price per ton of salt is about 400 ~ 500, iodization costs only 20 to 30 yuan per ton, but the wholesale price per ton of iodized salt is about 2,000 yuan, an iodized worth up to 4 times. In the face of such huge profits, not iodized salt would like to be difficult. Moreover, salt iodization is the “salt exclusive means” one of the legislative basis, not iodized, or will endanger the franchise system. A seemingly purely scientific problems, in fact, salt monopoly system itself has to prove safety.

Last Dec. 17, SASAC Enterprises Supervisory Committee of China Chen Wei publicly blasted Salt Salt Industry Corporation resist reform, interest groups will profit by the salt monopoly to further expose the reality in front of the people. Statistics show that China’s annual consumption of salt in more than 880 million tonnes, but not all of the proceeds franchise into “another state’s tax.” National Consumers to pay annual fees of about salt exclusive of 130 billion yuan, the additional expenditures for more than 80% of the flow of the salt company. How not to be squandered monopoly profits exceeded expectations, the 2008 Salt Bureau of Hainan Province, 629,800 yuan of public funds spent Zengyin group travel have been investigated. The unbridled power to lead to corruption is one of common sense, as Preservative Salt monopoly system does not become corrupt under the Weichang catalyst.

In terms of safeguarding people’s health rights or economic rights point of view, the reform must be to promote the salt to break the existing monopoly system. However, the same rights to safeguard public health and economic rights-based, salt change just something to break the monopoly level is not enough. Related news media in reporting system, while salt, salt optimistic to assume that market prices are likely due to the introduction of competition down. Come from the general law of inference, it would have no problem. But, as excess iodine may lead to disaster, like, reality is complex. A sufficient argument as mirror of negative cases is that China’s grain monopoly system was abolished, the public benefits low-cost competition Panlai not last long. Four multinational grain companies control more than 75% of China’s oil market share, resulting in Recent Years Cooking oil Prices skyrocketed. This “front foot down the tiger, rear foot support Wolf” lessons will be staged in the salt industry should be wary.

Similarly, the salt market regulation will face a new test. In Zhengqiheyi, management office, regardless of the original model, the “Salt” to combat because it involves their own interests and have enough power mechanism. Salt reform is bound to the separation of supervision and management, when the regulator is no longer benefit because of the time supervision, to ensure that they will not produce slack? Such learned a bitter lesson. 2008 Melamine Milk powder The outbreak is not the exclusive unscrupulous business performance, to a large extent, milk powder out of control and supervision of the safety of those directly related to dereliction of duty.

Salt needs competition, but it is not common commodity. Attribute determines the livelihood of its reform of the system design must take into account more than to break the monopoly problem. People do not need to do a take under the guise of security, and price monopoly, and monopolies do not want to break lose because of the safety and benefits of protection. Is a real demand for reform leaders must-Kam. SABUNG AYAM