Samsung Diva Mobile Phone – Touchscreen Makes a Fashion Statement

If you are a real “girly girl” and you’re looking for a phone that is frivolous and fashionable with fun features and functions, then the Samsung Diva is just the phone for you. It looks good but doesn’t have too much gadgetry. This is definitely a “chick” phone.


This phone lives up to its name with a sleek chrome finish and even a tiny diamond button at the bottom. Even the 2.8 inch, 16 million color TFT touchscreen is feminine with a swirly font and a pink diamond background.

With the Diva, you either love it or hate it. The outer case is made of a pink or pearly white plastic and for some odd reason someone decided to put a quilted pattern on the back. The question is Why?? Instead of looking like an expensive designer handbag it looks more like a mattress cover. However it does feel nice against your palm and I’m sure some people like all this femininity.

The screen is clear and responsive but sometimes a little slow and the Touchwiz user interface is quite easy to manipulate.


Unfortunately the 3.1megapixel camera is not top of the line. We really expected more than just a limited photo editor and auto focus. Especially from a phone that is so concerned with appearance. However the video recordings capabilities are pretty good and look good on the screen.

Whether you are talking on the phone or listening to tunes you will find that the sound quality is quite good. Some of the sound features include an MP3 player; music storage capabilities, MP3 ringtones, and an FM radio RDS and recording. However, the Samsung Diva committed the biggest sin of all by not including a 3.5 mm headphone jack. This is an unforgivable mistake..

Internet Connectivity:

This is not a phone that will go everywhere with you because it is limited to only tri-band technology. This means no Wi-Fi and no 3G. Your only internet options are Bluetooth, A2DP, GPRS, EDGE or micro USB. You will be able to use features like SMS, MMS and email although the slow screen makes texting a little difficult. However, the YouTube and Facebook compatibility and the live update widgets, make up for some of the short comings.

Memory and Talk Time:

You will not be able to store much in this phone since it only has 40 megabytes of memory and an 8 gigabyte micro SD card. Your talk time will be about 10 hours and the stand by time is 800 hours. This is do to the bigger screen and the YouTube widget.


The Samsung Diva is more of a fashion statement than anything else. The slow system and the fact that there is no Wi-Fi or 3.5 mm headphone jack are completely unacceptable. This phone is mainly for show not function. The Samsung Diva is a much more practical phone than the buying a high priced touchscreen but can’t even use 80% of its features. The Samsung Diva is a great phone for women who likes it simple and neat.
Sabung Ayam
DONNA FROST w/ Wes Hollywood
Donna Frost

Wes Hollywood


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