San Yuan, Vice President Of Labor Pains After A Guest Sina Dismantling China Dairy – Milk, San Yuan

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You Sina’s friends, Hello, everybody! Static power
Moderator: Dear Sina users Hello everybody, welcome to Sina studio, I was right to host static. Chat with everyone today is that everyone has been very concerned about Dairy Industry issues, first tell us about the guests, the next element is the holy Wu, vice president of the International Group for the bridge, Welcome Zong-.

Wu Bridge: Thank you moderator. Static power
Moderator: Sina with our friends who say hello.
Wu Bridge: Sina’s online friends, good morning. Static power
Moderator: We all know that since the incident out of melamine, China dairy industry has been in the position we are concerned about the air waves, but we see the real leadership of the dairy industry to respond to this incident to come forward to discuss pain experienced by the dairy industry seems not much tread the studio today to get to Sina, with the majority of users to discuss this sensitive topic, you have not done before the ideological struggle, or how you think, are willing to spoken The topic?

Wu Bridge: It should be said first of all thank Sina to provide such a platform, really this is because the whole society and the events of international concern, there are a lot of sensitivity. San Yuan International has chosen this time are willing to talk about Sina, mainly because we feel not only the concern of the users, and we also have many consumers concerned about the support of San Yuan, and the parties who are also very concerned about the San Yuan how to see.

The same time that the Holy element, this event is called labor pains, has been, and we think that as a business, especially a leader, have the responsibility and also ready to come out to talk about. Static power

Moderator: You just said that pain, since that is the pain, that has passed we shall be extremely painful. But many people feel that things are still not completely in the past, and now includes many new information disclosed, and even some foreign milk powder had melamine which also check out. We all have such a concern, when this matter is the head, the insider can down one level to a level of what?

Wu Bridge: Why pain? Degree of pain is there, and they are all relative, relative to the incident when the pain has just occurred, that is really painful, because that can be called the industry’s largest Earthquake , The epicenter of the time I called the pain, but you just said also that a large earthquake is not impact it had on after the end of the earthquake’s. San Yuan company we believe that now after I call it pain, is the industry after the earthquake. Static power

Moderator: We have to post-disaster reconstruction.
Wu Bridge: Yes, our entire industry as the Democratic brand, how to face this challenge with the chance after the disaster, from this perspective. Static power

Moderator: Zan to this topic in two parts, as said earlier tread the dairy industry like earthquakes and earthquake was a painful after-effects of the past, we split into two. You tell us about the earthquake in the event that stage, San yuan by what kind of impact, how look at this matter, then is how to handle it?

Wu Bridge: San Yuan Company first feel very sad, because we believe that the quality of our product out of the question, this mother of the baby, this is our inescapable responsibility, we first of all to them, stand up and take us should assume responsibility.

Also Synutra company, we soon find out where the problem, we as an enterprise, responsible business we must immediately solve the problem. Because we do is infant formula, baby food it is, so that problems in the future is not simply a matter of food in question would be finished, and accept the responsibility, but also to address the root causes of food problems, or to continue to China of your baby mother can rest assured that quality products. SABUNG AYAM