Save $80 a Month With a DIY Windmill

Do you know you can make your own windmill power generator in the comfort of your basement or garage and in so doing save yourself $ 80 or more a month on your power bill? Yes, it is true. Thousands every year are abandoning their power meters in favor of alternative power generators.

And in the process they are saving thousands of dollars every year. It is like a money tree planted in the back yard.

For as little as $ 200 the homeowner can build their own wind turbine and begin to see savings every month on their power bills.

One windmill can generate as much electricity as eight or ten large solar panels. A fair sized solar panel will optimally produce about 100 watts of power. A nine foot windmill can produce about 1000 watts.

If you do not have room to put up several solar panels, the windmill may be just the ticket to helping free you from the commercial power source.

Wind power is sufficiently available in most parts of the nation to generate enough power to supply most homes needs, when used in conjunction with battery storage backup.

A $ 200 for windmill is a great deal easier on the pocket book than shelling out for a ready made commercial rig that could run as high as $ 5000 or more. This can be a real turn off to Joe Sixpac.

However, most of the components of the $ 200 model are easily obtainable and with just a few hours of not so hard labor you can be ready to make electrical power.

The main components needed for a DIY windmill are basically:

A generator or a DC motor
Propeller blades
Regulator – Controller

A pretty simple plan for some very nice payback. There is nothing to hold you back but fear. So, feel the fear and do it any way.

This is a nice little can-do project any homeowner can do. It is also a nice little project the whole family can be involved in.

There are multiple sources of information available for building your own windmill. Take your time and look around. Read the honest reviews before buying anything. Follow up support is important, if you do not understand something or have questions.

The high costs of the equipment can put many people off the idea of generating their own electricity. You can use solar panels to generate some electricity, but in most places on earth you can only generate enough to run a PC or some lights with a single panel. It’s difficult to generate enough power to run a whole house unless you have space for a lot of large panels.