Scottish Airport Appear Suspicious Package After Parcel Bomb Troubled European

Comprehensive news, according to British police, Scottish an airport 3 because discover suspicious objects to areas of people evacuated. By yemen parcel bomb has influence, aviation security issues concern.
Events in Glasgow airport security personnel in AnJianOu a suspicious package, for vigilant, airport area clear. Airport spokesman said, airport did not shut, but stop processing business passengers aboard.
The spokesman said: airplane can still in our airport normal landing. We don’t have closed, but we must find suspicious package of regional blockades until police announced that it is safe.
Recent British airports and dubai airports seized two respectively with explosives rosetta stone outlet parcel, parcel from yemen, destination is America. Parcel bomb incident prompted the United States and Britain strengthened airport and postal safety inspection.
Meanwhile, Athens Greece also occurred up against foreign embassies parcel bomb attacks, and multiple from Greece sent the parcel bomb was seized for the allied leaders, the recipient. Greece national already entered high alert, Greek police 3 announced Rosetta Stone Japanese suspended all international air mail and package delivery service.
This month 1, a Mexican embassy sent to the parcel in Greece central region suddenly explode, local police immediately for the eent area and street near the search, two young men were arrested subsequently. When their hand also held ready to send French President nicolas sarkozy and Belgium embassy in Greek embassy package. The two were arrested 24-year-old rasching holmes, ezer carlos and 22 Rosetta Stone Polish palusalu of nano about di, al auspicious Ross, they also suspected should for recently in Greece happened a series of parcel bomb attack conspiracy charge.
There are no organization or individual claims to send the mail bombs. Although Greek police did not explain two suspects arrested in the true identity, but have reportedly one of you is a Greek a radical anarchism group members, in the past two years the group has claimed more than a thin scale of explosions and arson was responsible.
American anti-terrorist experts kiessling points out, from marauding Rosetta Stone Spanish Level 1-5 with Audio Companion gimmick and explosive device manufacturing method to see happen in Greece, yad parcel bomb attack plots is probably Greek left-wing radicals or anarchistic group act,they probably think through this channel to government convey dissatisfied.

Is California Prepared For The ‘Big One’? | NBC Nightly News

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Is California Prepared For The ‘Big One’? | NBC Nightly News