Scranton – An Astounding Tourist Destination

Scranton is an astounding and most sought after tourist destination in Pennsylvania. This is a city with hilly backdrop and it is surrounded by mountains from east and west side. The city is situated in the northeastern end of Pennsylvania State. Formerly, it was known as the Anthracite Capital of the World as it was the major producer of it. This is the seventh largest city of the state and recognized as the Steamtown National Historic Site with several other prominent attractions.

Initially, during seventeenth century, the area of the town was inhabited by pioneers of New England. The city noticed a significant growth during eighteenth century as the iron and steel industries began to grow in the area. In order to move the products of these industries, Lackawanna, Delaware and Western Railroad was established. The city got its name after Scranton brothers who were responsible for producing T-rails for the railroads.

Scranton was incorporated as a city in the year 1866. It also became home to the nation’s very first successful working electric streetcar system and hence it was known as the ‘Electric City’. As the Lackawanna Steel Company moved out of the city, Scranton emerged as the center of coal industry in the state. Now, the economy of the city largely depends upon health, retail, professional services and most important tourism industry.

The city of Scranton offers a range of attractions that are drawing millions of tourists from all round the globe. These attractions include The Everhart Museum, The Basilica of the National Shrine of St. Ann, Nay Aug Park, Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple and above all the Steamtown National Historic Site.

The Steamtown National Historic Site is a railroad museum that keeps the train in working condition as it offer rides on old steam engine. This organization is operated by the National Park Service. It also exhibits some special trains that involved in events like the Lackawanna Railfest and the Pumpkin Express in October. It has two roundhouses with several other buildings in order to keep these steam engines in a great condition. The museum gives an idea about the life style and life of the workers of the railroad.

The Everhart Museum is a compact museum dedicated to natural history, art, science, paintings along with the collection of fossils of several animals. This non-profit museum was established in the year 1908 by Dr. Isaiah Fawkes Everhart, a doctor. This museum exhibits a varied collection of art and artifacts from the cultures and civilizations of ancient Egypt, Papua New Guinea, Rome and North America. The artifacts from the above mentioned places are interpreted with the maximum information in order to understand their living style.

This museum has accommodated around twenty thousand objects and nearly half of them are focusing on the art and half of the artifacts focus on science specimens.

During your stay in Scranton, you will find yourself surrounded in the historic charm with natural beauty. This site offers you perfect setting for your business, pleasure or romantic getaways.
Sabung Ayam
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