Seahorses, Important Relics Of Nature For You To Admire

Seahorses are beautiful colored and charming organisms that can be seen in various parts of the earth’s oceans. Besides their beauty you will be fascinated by many other things, such as the way they swim. When you they get very close to human contact they can become very friendly, so friendly that they can even eat from your hands. They are thought to have magical powers and medicinal properties, but there are not many researches to confirm that. China is the biggest importer and consumer of seahorses, almost 20 million of them, because they can help a lot in improving heart diseases, problems of asthma, and lethargy to broken bones. It is also believed that seahorses are good aphrodisiacs. Their value is quite equal to the value of gold for Chinese people.

Nowadays, their number is dramatically decreasing not only because they represent a type of food but also because many choose to keep them in aquariums. However, not many people know the fact that they are addicted to the sea air and that they have a short life in captivity. Their sea habitats, based on coral reefs, mangroves, sea grass beds and estuaries, are extremely attractive for them, even if they are placed in dangerous spots.

There is no doubt that scuba diving for watching seahorses is a significant experience for any diver. However, when you plan to scuba to see seahorses you should have in mind the fact that you must not disturb their habitats. There are several things that scuba divers can do for helping seahorses’ survival. Things such as not touching them, not buying them for home aquariums are important when it comes to taking care of seahorses’ habitats and to maintaining their health at high levels.

For those who are passionate about these wonderful creatures there are some beautiful dive sites. There are many famous dive locations where you will find divers species of seahorses. Ria Formosa, Portugal is a popular scuba diving place for seahorses even if the conditions for diving are not the best ones. This is the place with the biggest density of seahorses and you can meet here two species: short-snouted seahorse and long-snouted seahorse.

Another great dive location for seahorse’s fans is Dominica where you can admire many colored seahorses between the reefs. A great advantage is that the conditions allow you to dive here even if you are not very experienced. North Sulawesi from Indonesia will give you the highest level of biodiversity in the world and you may also find some seahorses species that you will never meet in other places.

There are some other great places if you want to meet seahorses while scuba diving, such as Phi Phi in Thailand, known for the extraordinary beaches and for the great scuba diving condition. What you need to keep in mind is that you should protect seahorses and their habitats during your diving trips.
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