Secretary ? A Job with a Future

If we take 90% of all Job Search websites the secretaries job offers are both the most vacancy filled and most skipped sections on job search websites. This job is rarely considered to have a growth opportunity and is often viewed as practically a low-end job. Nevertheless this job has a lot of benefits and might be just the right start of your career. Very often this simple girl running around the office or sitting behind the desk is the heart of the company and the company will have huge problems if this heart stops beating.

One of the initial demands for a good secretary is the highest level or organization. A secretary that can’t remember appointments or organize is not a secretary at all. In time organizing everything will become almost a religion, so you will be able to organize your life and make it much more effective. It will spread from documentation and appointment tasks on your workplace to your everyday life and help making every day much more organize and therefore manage to do more and don’t lose time.

Of course not in all cases, but very often a work of a secretary gives a good understanding of business. That is if the secretary pay enough attention on learning how the business works! Starting from general schemes to all the details, which in some cases are even more than important! The secretary will have a lot of documentation in his or her hands and this will allow seeing a lot of inner processes, understanding of which might give a great experience, which will be priceless for starting a similar business or becoming an expert and consulting people about this business. But this happens only if the paperwork is done smart and not just to finish it and head off to lunch

Finally work as a secretary builds character. You constantly have to speak with different people, learn to communicate and most important learn to refuse. It is actually a great art for anyone who wants to become a successful businessman or worker; it is even a good thing for everyday life! It is well known that the more difficult are the situations the faster is the growth of skills. In case of a secretary you’ll often have to communicate with people that have a much higher ranks or job posts and very often you’ll have to deny them meetings or access to your boss. This of course requires some character initially but also really helps to build it in time!

Apart from good possibilities and access to very useful information, work as a secretary allows gaining the three most important benefits of work – organization (or better to say self-organization), business experience and character. This forms a worker that is capable of stepping in any field and has a chance to become really successful there. A combination of self-discipline, experience and character is practically lethal and will help the ex-secretary to become a completely other type of worker.