Secrets on How to Impress a Girl

When you come across an amazing woman, there is a very high chance that she has no shortage of men to choose from. This is a dilemma many of us single guys run into. So what to do? The secret is to make yourself stand out from the masses. Find ways to differentiate yourself and impress her. We like to show you how to do that on PUA Forum. See part of the secret to doing this is realizing that impressing a girl doesn’t take things you might initially suspect. It doesn’t take movie star looks, money or a nice car.

It takes things that money can’t buy, such as confidence, attitude and demeanor. Here are a few ways you can act that will help you learn how to impress a girl.

* Be confident. Make a list of what makes you unique and special and read it to yourself every day, five times a day if necessary until you believe it. Having confidence is the realization that you are an individual different from anybody else in the world and worthy of a great girl.

* Don’t try to impress her. The most intriguing things about you should unfold over time. For instance, if you have an amazing penthouse loft in New York City, I wouldn’t even take a girl there until you’ve had three to four dates. Then when you do, it will blow her mind. You never bragged about it, making you a million times cooler in her eyes.

Likewise, if you have famous friends or an amazing job or are super smart – anything that makes you really stand out, don’t say a word. Eventually this cool thing will come to light and you will seem even cooler for not bragging about it.

* Be a gentleman. Hold doors, compliment her, be polite, and so on. Look for ideas on How To Talk To A Girl. But especially don’t rush anything physically. Take your sweet time. Haven’t you ever heard that the best things in life are worth waiting for? In this case, it is so true. She will be impressed. In addition, you will be happier and more satisfied in the end. As an added side bonus, you will stand out from the crowd and if she is a hot chick, you want to differentiate yourself from the masses of men falling at her feet. This is one great way to do so. It will also ignite her curiosity about you. It creates a bit of a sense of mystery, which is always necessary for sparks to fly.

* Relax. Take everything in life with a grain of salt except the most important things in life that money can’t buy such as health and family. Everything else is no big deal. Develop this carefree, nonchalant attitude that shows you know how to truly appreciate the important things in life and don’t stress out about things that won’t matter in the long run.

So remember, if you want to impress a girl, you first have to look inward. It is what inside that will impress her more than anything on the outside.
Sabung Ayam
Radney Foster

The position that Radney Foster enjoys in the country music landscape is remarkable. Mainstream country music and independent Americana tend to occupy separate orbits. Yet for 30 years Foster has thrived in both as a songwriter, recording artist, live performer and producer. His songssolo, with Foster and Lloyd and recorded by other artistshave topped the country, Americana, and AAA charts alike. At the same time, he's earned the respect of his peers and a devoted audience as intent on listening as they are eager to dance. Foster grew up in two worlds herding cattle on horseback at his grandfather's East Texas ranch in the summers and hunkering over a transistor radio in West Texas hometown, listening to border radio. "My house in Del Rio was a mile from Mexico, so I heard everything growing up from country to conjunto." That hybrid of influences may be why Foster's always been tough to categorize; his first success was with the seminal country/cowpunk duo Foster & Lloyd, whose first single, "Crazy Over You," went straight to #1. His subsequent solo albums told tales through a honky tonk lens and yielded enduring hits "Just Call Me Lonesome" and "Nobody Wins.""Telling stories is embedded and ingrained in my DNA" says Foster. "My grandfather was a cowboy raconteur and a storyteller. He didn't sing songs, but he sure told stories around the campfire. There's a long, long history of yarn spinning in Texas, and I like to think I come from that tradition."Considered an elder statesman of Texas singer-songwriters, Foster has been a friend and mentor to many younger artists on the Texas scene. He's written and produced songs for Randy Rogers, Jack Ingram, Kacey Musgraves, Wade Bowen, Josh Abbott, Pat Green, Cory Morrow and many others. His songs are regularly mined by superstar acts like Keith Urban ("Raining on Sunday," "I'm In,"), Sara Evans ("Real Fine Place," "Revival") and the Dixie Chicks ("Godspeed")."I'm always trying to find a little piece of the truth," says Texas singer-songwriter Radney Foster. With his latest release, Everything I Should Have Said, the truth is laid bare. The collection opens with "Whose Heart You Wreck," a stormy lament to a fickle muse and closes with the title track, an unflinching apology for things done and left undone.Throughout his career, Foster has continuously stretched the boundaries. "I strive to challenge myself as a writer, a musician and a singer everyday." As his voice has deepened and grown richer, so, it seems, has his focus. These are the songs of a full-grown man, who long ago left fear by the side of the road.