Section Times Longnan Beijing?? March 30, 2010 Research Extrusion Compounding Technology – Long

HC plastic mesh News: March 30, 2010, “Long Branch accompany extrusion compounding Technical Seminar” times in subjects at Long Nan Jing Machinery Co., Ltd.. More than 160 times the Long Branch users attended the seminars, while China Plastics Processing Industry Association, Mr. Liao Zhengpin, China Engineering Plastics Industry Association Deputy Secretary-General Mr. He Xiang also invited to participate.

To Liao, president of the seminar “Sustainable Development of China Plastics industry “The opening keynote speech, he introduced in recent years, especially in 2009 the development of China’s plastics industry, and described the green plastic Environmental protection Characteristics and the promotion of the role of low-carbon economy. With the plastic in the home appliances, building materials, medical, automotive, packaging, and daily necessities such as a further application, Modified plastics Greatly increased demand, but also manufacturers of raw materials mixed with higher demands. This is also the raw material compounding links Extruder The manufacturer’s new challenges. Section times Longnan Beijing Sales Director, said Shen Jun Coperion Group Germany as the world leader in mixing and extruding equipment, is currently working with our clients with mixed development and improvement of technologies and processes to meet the changing needs of the market.

Division times Longnan Sales Director Miss Shen Jun in Beijing as host of the meeting, the arrival of all the participants expressed their sincere gratitude to the Group on Long Branch three times high, medium and low torque out of Machine ZSK / STSadvanced / CTE technical characteristics and Coperion strict quality control of raw materials and process have been described. Long Branch-fold range of products covering plastic, Chemical industry , Food and aluminum industries, you can the technical requirements for your product and the actual investment budget, can choose in Long Branch times for models. In quality control, Coperion put a lot of high-precision equipment, raw materials for chemical composition and ultrasonic flaw detection test, using three-dimensional Coordinate FARO on the cylinder, gear box and the box spline strict set of key parts of precision control of production, but also strictly control the use of large-scale installation FARO meter coaxial, for our customers strict quality control. Coperion believe that quality is manufactured rather than test. This idea is reflected in every detail of production, the participants visited the families in times of deep feeling when Longnan Beijing workshop.

STSadvanced Division Series is two and a half times the Long Nan in Beijing before the STS on the basis of first-generation model launched, largely thanks to its improved times from the Division Series Lund national high-end models ZSKMEGA lessons of experience. Coperion Manufacturing Director, Mr. Eisele, introduced STSadvanced series extruder continuously the results of technological innovation, including the torque rating to 10Nm/cm3, Screw Speed 800rpm, new composite screw components and the overall development within the bush, and the details of many equipment improvements such as: a new solid box frame, three-dimensional thermal compensation of the cylinder support, heaters, cooling pipes, machine head, back cap removal tool, which shows the times of Long Branch as the industry leader in technology never-ending quest. STSadvanced science-fold Long Nan in Beijing for the Asia and China introduced a model high-end market, after years of continuous technological innovation and development has become a very mature, high-performance models. Particularly noteworthy, upgrade STSadvanced made the first series to become more than a torque 10Nm/cm3 compounding extruder, compared with the previous models have up to 20% yield enhancement, can provide customers faster win return on investment. New STSadvanced series will show this year, Shanghai Acme-style (April 19, 2010? April 22) E1K41 booth proudly.

Division Manager R & D times of Long Nan Jing, Mr. and Mr. Xu Yuan Mr.Walter respectively Coperion compounding technology and application of technology to explore a keynote speech. Division times of Long Nan in Beijing with the support of the headquarters in Germany every year to market new screw element to the evolving application of new material mixed with the technical requirements. Since October 8, 2008 the only complete set of experimental lines in the Section since the opening times of Long Nan in Beijing, has been done for Chinese and foreign customers in more than 100 experiments and testing, access to a wide range of praise and excellent results, in some special applications such as semiconductor materials, dewatering, direct extrusion, wood and particulates out of, also successful experience. Section times while technology sector Longnan Beijing process support for global customers and new process development, process optimization, eliminate bottlenecks, product analysis and process training. Coperion in the field of plastics compounding continuously explore and experience for our customers even more confidence Coperion.

As Mr Liu, mentioned in his speech, the future 2010, the plastics industry shows strong growth. In this, wish branches times the Longnan Beijing with China’s plastics industry to grow, and in areas of extrusion compounding glory. SABUNG AYAM