Self Defense Training

You’ve decided to take action. No more hesitation or excuses.  You’ve signed up for self defense training.  A nagging fear of being attacked as well as those news items of increased violence against persons has brought home the fact that you need to protect yourself should the situation arise.  

Signing  up for self defense training however, does not mean that you will eliminate the threat of violence in your surroundings or keep you safe if you do not effectively apply the training you have received.  Self defense training may meet some of your expectations regarding reducing your threat level and increasing your preparedness for threatening situations.  It will not however turn you into a mean killing machine nor is that desirable.

Appropriately applying self defense training to your situation is very important in the fight to keep you and your property safe.  Effective self defense training will equip you to analyse your threat level and select the most appropriate response.  This is very important not just because it is an integral part of the strategy to keep you safe but because failure to use self defense appropriately can result in criminal charges being laid against you even though you were not the aggressor.  Good self defense training will teach you not only self defense techniques and tactics but also its appropriate and legal use.

The primary aim of self defense training is to prepare you to act appropriately in the event of an attack.  Consequently, self defense training which does not include some form of body contact will be limited in its usefulness.  It is therefore important to include some training which involves hitting and being hit.  
Proper supervision of these sessions should be done to ensure that there is no damage resulting. Real life situations are likely to involve some amount of physical harm coming to the individual under attack.  It is therefore important that self defense training be realistic and allows the trainees to experience the mental shock of being hit in an attack.

Realistic self defense training will serve the dual purpose of building a survival at all costs mentality, as well as self-confidence in the trainee.  It is said that one of the most important aspects of self defense training is the determination to survive.  It can’t be overemphasized that practising good self defense requires a psychological mindset geared for survival.  This is called the warrior mindset. The warrior mindset means that you are determined to survive an attack even if it means killing or seriously injuring your attacker.  The warrior mindset ensures that you will utilize what you have learnt in self defense classes in the event of an attack and not just participate in an academic exercise.

Self defense training will also make you better able to physically defend yourself. You will increase your levels of fitness and learn new self defense techniques which you can use to protect yourself.  Self defense training is the closest you come to having an attack in a controlled environment whilst you learn to counterattack realistically.

Self defense training will show you how different defense techniques as well as the use of your body and other self defense items can be used to avoid, escape or eliminate a threat to your person or property.  In these times of violent confrontations and high crime rates, self defense training is an excellent idea.