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Recent news investigation in some areas of Jilin Province found that many farmers in the “cold shoulder” traditional large-scale household appliances while not in the subsidy on the scope of

Soymilk , Full bath, heater and other appliances produce small practical interest.
The experts, from Bringing home appliances Last couple of years of policy implementation situation, consumption potential in rural areas, but the relevant departments and enterprises in policy development and product promotion should focus on “humanity”, to marketable products delivered to farmers in time.

Has just returned from working in Shenyang City, Qin Jia Zhunzhen Gongzhuling farmers Jiangyu You buy his wife a soybean milk. “When I saw a lot of city people to buy this on, we also try to buy back.” Ginger that promoters in the supermarket to see demonstrations, as long as health and water, according to a certain percentage of soybeans into the machine, as long as 10 drink hot milk a few minutes.

Addition to soybean milk, the electric foot gradually into the tub and other small appliances ordinary peasant family. With the improvement of living standards, convenient and practical small household electrical appliances are more and more farmers. In some rural areas of Jilin Province interview, reporters found that almost every family has at least a small household electrical appliances. Shuangliao City Fu first before the town bought a peasant Liu Bing

Electric kettle , Family bid farewell to the use of “pot” the day of boiling water. “In rural areas, water heating, cooking with pot rack almost all wood, water has the taste is not that still trouble.” Bing said, now spend a kettle, a couple of minutes to Paoshang tea.

It is understood that the price of these small appliances as little as tens of dollars, as many as three hundred dollars, farmers generally acceptable. Eight town houses Gongzhuling City Dacheng appliance manager Panxiu Juan told reporters that the implementation of national policy on home appliances to the countryside has had the refrigerator when 7-8 months,

TV Peak sales of up to one month to sell more than 20 refrigerators. However, overall sales this year to see,

Rice cooker , Soybean milk machine, electric heater and other non-subsidized sales of small household electrical appliances increased significantly. “From my 10 years of operating electrical appliances, obviously feeling more and more prosperous farmers, and are required to improve the quality of life.” Panxiu Juan said she plans to add before New Year’s foot bath, massage,

Drinking Some kind of small appliances, etc..
In addition, strong seasonal, so three quarters of home appliances to the countryside as “leading”

Refrigerator The slow moving, home appliances sales followed a sharp decline in the countryside. Which the industry said that while seasonal factors such as home appliances to the countryside on the refrigerator “heavy head” products affect sales, but a deeper look, household electrical appliance enterprises not Mozhun consumer psychology is important because farmers.

This, Jilin, Integrated Department of Commerce Director Huaxue Song said the current nine short-listed home appliance products in the countryside, some of the categories is the obsolete. Of “

Mobile For example, grass-roots farmers to use more multi-functional, low price of no-name cell phone. In contrast, mobile phone companies involved in home appliances to the countryside have no advantage. “Huaxue Song said the policy of how to ensure better continuity appliances to the countryside, while ensuring that businesses, farmers interests” double win “is the authorities concerned should be considered.

Huaxue Song said the replacement of household appliances in rural areas generally slow, when farmers used in the selection step. At present, the television home appliances to the countryside to enjoy subsidies for the middle and low multi-product, too few select categories, it is difficult to meet the needs of farmers. He therefore recommended that countries should consider color TV, refrigerator price ceiling is raised to 5,000 yuan subsidies, while not restricted to the countryside home appliances range of products and prices.

Chinese home appliance repair
Association, said Liu Xiumin, household electrical appliance enterprises to address the rural living environment, provide energy-saving, efficient, practical, product, to the real product for consumers into rural areas. SABUNG AYAM