Selling on eBay – The Buyer is Always Right

We have all heard the old saying that the customer is always right. But anyone who sells on eBay knows how hard it is to please some buyers. Some of them are down right mean and nasty. Some are even crooks and liars! So we all know that the truth is the buyer is often mistaken, right? Wrong!

The buyer is ALWAYS right!

In my last article I explained why your reputation is everything when it comes to building a long term, successful, business on eBay. You simply can not afford any unsatisfied customers. A single negative feedback comment will hurt sales for weeks or even months to come. Get 2 or 3 in a short period of time and you will be out of business before you even get started.

But they’re lying, I’m getting ripped off!

It really doesn’t matter. Whether they say they never received it, it doesn’t work, it is not as described, or what ever. Refund their money immediately and get on with your life. It is far better to loose one sale than it is to get a negative feedback comment. If you get in an argument with a buyer you are going to loose way more than this one sale. They will leave negative feedback, report you to eBay, and do their best to ruin your reputation. Don’t let one bad apple destroy your business. No matter what it cost to have them return the item and get a refund, it is clearly the only choice you have.

So, I really need to have 100% positive feedback?

In a word, yes! You should consider anything less to be a personal failure on your part. Here’s why. No matter what you do, the day will come when someone will leave a negative feedback. Hopefully, it will be after you have hundreds of positives. If you follow these instructions and strive to maintain 100% positive feedback, one negative in hundreds of sales won’t hurt you much. If and when that fateful day comes, make sure you post your response to their comment. Do not say anything unprofessional, simply state that they received a full refund and you are sorry they were unhappy. Most of your potential customers will see that you did everything right and will still trust you.

Now you can see why you really need to believe that the buyer is always right. Unlike other types of businesses, when you sell on eBay, the whole world knows your reputation. A seller who takes care of their customers, no matter what, will go far.

Stay tuned for future articles in my “Sell On eBay” series.