Sending Out Your Holiday Party Invitations

Many people believe that party invitations are old news, that there is no need to go through with this formality anymore, but that isn’t the case. If you are hosting a party for the holidays you should absolutely send out invites. Many people love to receive invitations and some people need them if they are going to hold the spot in their social calendar. Invitations are basically glorified reminders, so if you want your friends and family members to remember to come to your party invitations are a great idea.

Christmas invitations are often necessary because most people are so busy during the holidays. Everyone has a lot of little details in their mind and if they don’t actually read an invitation they may forget all about the party. Receiving something in the mail or in their email inbox will help to solidify the date and the time and the activity in their otherwise overloaded mind! If you are not sure you want to send out invitations, consider this before you scrap the idea, you may reconsider when you think about how full your own mind is of all of those little holiday details!

When considering your Christmas party invitations you have a lot of different options. If you visit your local card or stationery store you will find that there are a lot of pre-printed and pre-packaged invites. These are great if you want something quick and easy to remind everyone to come to your party. You can also find a lot of printable templates online that you can print on card stock or paper on your home printer. Another option is to have the invitations specially printed for your occasion through a printer; this is more elegant but often a lot of fun and appreciated by those who receive them. If you aren’t sure about sending out invitations, consider the e-vite. This is an electronic invite that will land in the email boxes of your invitees. As you can see, you have a lot of invitation options so you can choose the type of invite that best fits your party, your personality, and perhaps more importantly, your budget.

Your invitations should go out 12 to 15 days before the party. This will allow for plenty of time for the invitations to arrive if you are mailing and then allow for people to easily work it into their social calendar. It’s hard to anticipate how many people will actually be able to come because social calendars are often overloaded at this time of year. If you want to start planning, you might want to plan for about 50% of those invited to come. You can always adjust later, if needed.