Senior Travel – Exotic Destinations For Seniors

Some seniors have always wanted to go trekking through a tropical jungle. Maybe they’ve even thought about going on an African Safari, or visiting the pristine land mass of Antarctica. The fact is that it is now possible to live out your dreams as a senior citizen.

Today, Central and South America, South East Asia and other long-haul destinations are not only becoming more popular, but they are also becoming cheaper than traditional locations such as Europe.

Exotic Cruises

Whether you are moving slowly in the icy waters of Antarctica, navigating through some of the 14,000 plus islands in Indonesia, or cruising through the mirror-clear waters of the Caribbean, exotic cruises are always an option for seniors.

The fact is that today’s cruise line industry can take you to just about any worthwhile spot on the planet, and the competition is so fierce, seniors can find amazing deals out there.

African Safaris

African safaris are unforgettable experiences for senior citizens. Most tours are highly organized, and you only need to choose the country location, which is usually Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa or other destinations.

Seniors can get very close to lions, giraffes, wildebeest, zebras and other local animals. You could be on a jeep trek through the Masai Mara National Reserve observing all of these animals and get a once in a lifetime peek at Mount Kilimanjaro, too.

Jungle Treks

South East Asia offers some ideal locations to go jungle trekking. Indonesia still has a vast area of primary rainforest, and the islands of Sumatra and Kalimantan are the only areas in the world where you can still see orangutans in the wild. You can also take treks on the island of Siberut to see the Mentawai tribe, which still live nomadically.

Thailand has treks to see The Long Neck Tribes and other villages. You can also go on elephant trekking there.

These are just a few options of trekking, and you can also find trekking in some other countries around the world.

Exotic Destinations for Seniors – How to Plan

How much are you planning on spending? Money is always an issue, and prices can run from a hundred bucks to a thousand or more a day, depending on the type of adventure you are looking for. It could even cost less.

Estimate the amount of days you want to stay. Are you traveling during high season or off-peak? This could either cost you more money or save you money.

Ask your travel agent for an exclusive package. Make sure that it includes everything, because there are extras that could really start to add up.

Decide on a safari, trek, cruise, or other form of activities to help determine the exotic destinations you will go.

Exotic Destinations for Seniors – Conclusion

Many seniors want to visit exotic destinations, but they don’t necessarily want to rough it. Those who want some of the comforts that come with modern resorts, such as comfortable lodging and good food, should be willing to pay for these upgrades.

So, it’s still possible to see many exotic destinations around the world and do it in comfort and safety. Either way, there is nothing that can match the experience of getting out and seeing animals in the wild, nomadic tribes, and every other part of nature.
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Welcome to Balikpapan – The Gateway to East Kalimantan

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Balikpapan is the gateway to the jungle of East Kalimantan province. Balikpapan has grown in importance for the tourism industry since the opening of the International flight routes. This town has a population of about 600.000 and has connections by Pelni passenger ships on the route Surabaya – Ujungpandang – Balikpapan.
Outwardly, Balikpapan presents two different faces. The first is the old Dutch-built section of the town. The other is the newer part that as gown as a result of recent development efforts in the oil industry.
Most destinations, such as the Dayak settlements in the hinterland along the big rivers, can be reached from Samarinda, moreover, a visit to Kalimantan does not seem complete without a visit to East Kalimantan. The forests of East Kalimantan contain a wealth of rare flora and fauna. The black Orchid (Clogena pandurata), Nephents Amularia and Rattan vines growing in the forest up to 200 meters long. So do various species of valuable tropical hardwoods trees.
Among the animal species typical of Kalimantan, living in the forests are Orang Utans, chimpanzees (Pongee pygmaeus), bekantan (Nasalis Larvatus), Mahakam fresh – water dolphins or pesut (Orcela fluminalis) and many bird varieties.
The cultural and artistic traditions of the island’s indigenous Dayak population are still preserved in this region, especially in the hinterland of East Kalimantan. Sailing up the streams near the Malaysian border, one can still meet Traditional Dayak settlements than seem to have been little touched by the modernity.

Balikpapan :

The name Balikpapan is from an overloaded ship, which capsized near Tukung Island. A Dutch geological map of 1870 singes a small village with the name Balikpapan bay.
Now-a-days Balikpapan is East Kalimantan’s leading oil town, and a very important in Indonesia, Balikpapan was during World War II the target of assaults by both the Japanese and the Allies.
Balikpapan is the main gateway to East Kalimantan province. It has grown in importance for tourists since the opening of the International flight routes. Balikpapan town has a population of 600.000

Culture : Javanese, Buginese, Kutai and Dayak Mix

Flora & Fauna : farming, plantations and lowland Rainforest can be found outside of Balikpapan

Tour Starting Point : Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Transport Possibilities : Public Bus and chartred car.

Tour Ending Point : Balikpapan, East Kalimantan, Indonesia

Travel Distance to enry point : 0 Km to from Balikpapan Airport

Tour Duration : Short Get Through Visit 1 to 2 Days

Hotels & Accommodation : International Star to Simple Hotels

Sabung Ayam