Seven Great Movies To Consider And Enjoy On Your Times Off

The many different genres of movies appeal to different people. There are always those who love a wonderful horror movie and detest a good chick flick but most of the time there are some motion pictures that we like and others that we despise no matter the genre. The good thing about the movie entertainment business is that they always offer up something that appeals to everybody.

Below are some of the greatest films of all time. Choose a great movie to view tonight.

Vertical Limit is all about Peter Garett, an ex mountain climber who gave the sport up after his father died dreadfully while climbing, finds himself in a troubling situation. His sister and climbing partner have been trapped in a deep chasm while attempting to climb the famous K2 peak. He is one of the only people competent of even attempting a near impossible rescue. Time is of the essence, as the trapped climbers will soon freeze to death.

Bopha came out in 1993. Anxious, charming outburst with Glover and Woodard who played Nelson and Winnie Mandela in the Television movie MANDELA featuring as a wedded couple living in a peaceful South African town. He’s a patrol officer who contains the status quo; their world is sure to fall down while their youngster Ezia takes part in a insurgency divergent to the control and course of the neighboring off-white-run school. Cast includes Morgan Freeman, Danny Glover, Malcolm McDowell, Alfie Woodard, Marius Weyers, Maynard Eziashi, Malick Bowens, and Grace Mahlaba.

The Bourne Ultimatum hit theaters with a bang. In the third motion picture of the series, Jason Bourne is still being sought after by those who had educated him into the extreme assassin that he is. Having lost his memory when almost being killed, Bourne is retracing his past to try to realize who he was, and why everybody wants him dead. All his skills are put to the test, as the C.I.A. is persistent in its effort to have him eliminated. Starring Matt Damon and Julia Stiles.

Uncle Buck is a funny show, Cindy Russell has to visit her sick dad. Her only alternative for someone to mind her children is wonderful old Uncle Buck. Reckless Buck has to one way or another pull himself together and take care of the children for a couple of days.

Frequency was about John Sullivan who lost his father thirty years before. He is still affected by the passing. Somehow with the use of his dad’s old ham radio, he can correspond with his father, when his dad was still living. He warns his dad of the fire that would kill him. This saves his dad but sets off new actions that now must be resolved, or John’s mother will now pass away.

Prince of Darkness came out in 1987. The anti-Christ entombs the evil child of Satan in a cannister of a deserted L.A. temple. It’s up to pastor Pleasence and the grad students of Prof Wong to tidy up the mess. They must stop the religious sect trying to free this child named the “Brotherhood of Rest.” Cast includes Donald Pleasence, Lisa Blount, Jameson Parker, Victor Wong, Dennis Dun, Susan Blanchard, Anne Howard and Alice Cooper Panavision.

A Few Good Men is about two marines that are being held accountable for the death of a fellow marine. They claim they were ordered to punish private Santiago, and his demise was not intended. Lt. Daniel Kaffee will try to save the marines and get to the bottom of the case.
Sabung Ayam
Improvisation Piano Exercises from Chick Corea

“I’m just trying to share my own way I look at music, with others.

“Musicians, non-musicians, whoever is interested. And try to show a few basic things that I think are kind of true for everybody.

“One of which is that an individual’s taste and his own judgment, what he likes, and what he doesn’t like, is his own God-given right, you could say.

“Everyone has the right to like what they like, not like what they don’t like, listen to the kind of music they want to, not listen to the kind of music they don’t like. Say what you like, say what you don’t like.

“There’s a kind of a code about that. A human right, a spiritual right.

“And I want to encourage that in people. I want people, and musicians, to realize their own judgment and have them think for themselves about how they see art, especially. And trying to portray that and say that in various ways.

“Share things I do, or just my opinion.

“So improvisation is a big interest, with a lot of musicians. So I have my own ideas about what it is, and I know there are an infinite number of other ideas, so I’m just throwing my own idea into the pot here. About ‘What is improvisation?’

“We did 5 shorts on that, so have a look.” – Chick


Chick Corea: So this is the beginning. First one. Here we go. So we’re going to cover improvisation and Bill’s going to – we’re going to talk a little bit. We want to define it first.

Bill Rooney: Start at the beginning.

CC: I though that was a good idea, because when people ask me – musicians ask me, they say, “Well, how about improvising? How do you improvise? What’s it all about? What do you do? What do you think about?” All these various questions. I think to myself, well you know, I’ve never seen a satisfactory definition of improvisation. So, I want to try to give you what my – what I think of when I think of improvisation, which is something natural. Something natural you do.

Improvising is living. Like, what I’m doing now is improvising. I have a thought in my head and I’m trying to get it out using the cumbersome medium of the english language. It’s really difficult. I mean I could go like this – [ plays a phrase ]. See that?

I don’t have to then try to say in words what that was because that was improvisation. But to try and define it in words, it’s the natural thing you do that you already decided that you’re going to do something and you’re going to make a movement. So with improvisation, the decision that – there are decisions that have to be made. What kind of freedoms and what kind of rules.

There’s freedoms, then there’s rules that you make. And that’s how you come about deciding how much improvisation there’s going to be. Like, you determine a pattern. Let’s use the term “pattern.” So let’s take, for an example, a pattern. I thought it would be good to start demonstrating right away, rather than trying to put a verbal definition.

So, you take a pattern, how much freedom or how much rules and decisions you want in it. Let’s take an example. I thought we’d use “Armando’s Rhumba.” Some people know “Armando’s Rhumba”.

This tune here – [ plays “Armando’s Rhumba”]

Okay here’s the first phrase of “Armando’s Rhumba.” It’s written right here. If you can read music it’s starting right at “A.”

So, thats the first phrase. If I’m going to play it exactly I’m going to play that exactly. [ Plays “Armando’s Rhumba” ]

Not much improvisation cause I already decided. So let me play the same phrase and keep everything pretty much the same but let me change the melody a little bit. I could do something like – [ plays “Armando’s Rhumba” ]

That was a lot of change, I mean comparatively. Or I could do – [ plays “Armando’s Rhumba”]

Or I could do even closer. I could change the tempo. [ Plays “Armando’s Rhumba” ]

It’s endless. So with that kind of thing you have the pattern and you decide how closely you want to stick to the pattern and the improvisation part comes as what freedom you give.

For instance, what if I say to myself, I decide – it’s all decisions. What if I decide I’m going to play something before I start the melody? I’m going to improvise something and then play the melody. So I’m going to go add it, it’s free, I can play what I want. [ Plays tune and “Armando’s Rhumba” ]

There you go. Like, play something even stranger: [ Plays tune and “Armando’s Rhumba” ]

See there. There would be an infinite number of ways to take a theme. So thats one basic way to describe improvisation. It’s what you decide will be there as a pattern and what you decide you’ll be free about interpretive. Improvisation.

Sabung Ayam