Seven Popular Recommendations For An Amazing Flick To View Tonight

A mixture of genres of movies appeal to different people of course. There are those who love a good horror movie that scares them and others who just will not view that kind of movie. Chick flicks can appeal to both men and women yet some people loathe them. However, the great thing about the movie entertainment business is that there is always something for everyone. Below are some of the greatest motion pictures of all time. Check them out. Keep in mind you can download them nearly instantaneously to your own computer in the luxury of your own home.

The Sentinel from 1977. Even but dull shocker in reference to N. Y.C. fashion model, who rents a residence in Brooklyn, discovers it’s filled of demons and she is the next protector for the entry to Hell. Cast includes Cristina Raines, Ava Gardner, Chris Sarandon, Burgess Meredith, Sylvia Miles, Jose Ferrer, Arthur Kennedy, John Carradine, Christopher Walken, Eli Wallach, Jerry Orbach, Jeff Goldblum, Beverly D’ Angelo, Martin Balsam, William Hickey, and Tom Berenger. (93 minutes, 1977)

From 1982 came Danny Boy. Ambitious though arrogant, inexorably dull melodrama of sax player Rea, who trades his sax for a gun after observing a triple murder. This was Jordan’s directorial debut, which he as well did the screenplay. He and leading guy Rea later reteamed for The Weeping Game.

Black like Me hit the screen in 1964. Strong drama based on genuine history of a journalist who took drugs that allowed him to pass for black so he might live through racial prejudice first hand. Some facets of presentation are un-contemporary, although topics are still relevant. Cast includes James Whitmore, Roscoe Lee Browne, Lenka Petersen, Sorrell Booke, Will Geer, Al Freeman, and Raymond Jacques.

In 1999 Doug’s First Movie from the star of Television’s Doug is characterized in this weak, mechanical saga, made exclusively for kids. Easy going preteen Doug tries to show mercy to an creature in need conflict with his hope to take his lady friend to the school dance. This film was designed as a direct-to-video production. Voices of Thomas McHugh, Fred Newman, Chris Phillips, Constance Shulman, Doug Preis, and Alice Playten.

Sugar Town – Pleasurable mosaic of LA life characterizing a handful of characters whose lives unite – a musician would-be who’ll do anything to get ahead, an uptight lone lady who allures the unsuitable men like a magnet, and a band made up of cleaned-up ’80s rock stars, to name a few. Made on a shoestring, although intelligent and well recognized; excellent cast comprises a variety of real life musicians. Cast includes Ally Sheedy, Rosanna Arquette, John Taylor, Jade Gordon, Michael Des Barres, Lucinda Jenney, and Martin Kemp.

Holiday came out 1938. First rendition of Philip Barry’s play in reference to non-conformity is a delightful film. Johnny Case finds himself betrothed to a millionaire’s daughter and he must choose between a career in big business or living life as a holiday. 1938 version includes Katherine Hepburn and Cary Grant among others.

Lilies of the Field from 1963 is a “small” film that made excellent, triumphing Poitier an Oscar as handyman who helps to raise a chapel for Skala and German-talking nuns. Cast includes Sidney Poitier, Lilia Skala, Lisa Mann, Isa Crino, and Stanley Adams.
Sabung Ayam
Bela Fleck & Abigail Washburn
BÉLA FLECK is often considered the premier banjo player in the world.

A New York City native, he picked up the banjo at age 15 after being awed by the bluegrass music of Flatt & Scruggs. While still in high school he began experimenting with playing bebop jazz on his banjo, mentored by fellow banjo renegade Tony Trischka.
In 1980, he released his first solo album, Crossing the Tracks, with material that ranged from straight ahead bluegrass to Chick Corea’s “Spain.”

In 1982, Fleck joined the progressive bluegrass band New Grass Revival, making a name for himself on countless solo and ensemble projects ever since as a virtuoso instrumentalist. In 1989 he formed the genre-busting Flecktones, with members equally talented and adventurous as himself.

The recipient of Multiple Grammy Awards going back to 1998, Béla Flecks’ total Grammy count is 15 Grammys won, and 30 nominations. He has been nominated in more musical categories than anyone in Grammy history.
ABIGAIL WASHBURN's banjo has taken her far beyond the usual old-timey comfort zone, musically and geographically. An alumnus of Uncle Earl, the powerhouse all-female stringband, Abby’s adopted second homeland is China, and her music resounds with echoes of Appalachia and the tidal wave of emerging Chinese cultural influence.
Banjoists Béla Fleck and Abigail Washburn have mastered the deceptively intricate art of the duet. Their performances embrace a diversity almost unthinkable – coming from just two banjos and one voice. Washburn's beguiling composing, playing and singing blend with Fleck's riveting and virtuosic musicianship to create music both unique yet familiar in texture.
Together, Fleck and Washburn employ the relatively rare 3-finger and clawhammer banjo duet to create an explosion of musical white heat.