Seven Positively Charged Steamer Trial: My Happiness “steam” Life

Electric steamer

seven are special prizes and a free trial investigating activities of the majority of the support and active participation of users today, users have been electric steamer trial submitted articles, and now, Xiao Bian served warm on a trial for everyone experience.

Electric steamer

seven special awards are still ongoing investigations, questionnaires, get prizes!

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Electric steamer

seven special awards are the list of baked trial investigation

Electric steamer trial experience: cooking can in fact be very simple

Seven positively charged steamer trial: my happiness, “steam” life

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Hello everybody, I was rustling. I was settled in Beijing


People like to eat juice, flavor and nutritional health


. The trial in the online sweepstakes to seven positively charged steamer is to my use.

(Hey, first to give seven special electric steamer is the origin) to work two days ago when the right, in the

HC Network

Last went out, was a prize-winning survey attracted me. Wow, seven are special electric steamers can pay lottery prizes try filling out surveys. Really beautiful, I carefully filled out the survey volume, I did not expect that, after a few days notice I can Consuming seven are special electric steamer to trial.

Friday night to take electric steamer, to the Saturday morning I Jiupaqilai electric steamer to see the instructions, ready to do my steamed. Honestly, I usually like to cook, I do love to eat a family of three meals.

“Colorful life, is reflected,” is to use the following seven positively charged steamer do steamed (photography is limited, masters do not laugh). The electric steamer is really great, I Saturday lunch, all electric steamer at the same time doing different dishes, soya bean sauce spare ribs put the first layer, the second layer of corn meal. Seven positively charged steamer is really high, just plug in

Power supply

, About 15 seconds on the steam emitted. While steaming and steaming ribs, 20 minutes, maize meal cooked, the ribs with about 30 minutes. Consider the following:

1. Corn meal

Amount of a family of three, a cup of half a meter, water meter out a little more than adding fresh corn kernels, add a tablespoon of peanut oil, rice instant when the ham added. Cooked rice, rice non-stick pan, separate capsules. You see, more attractive rice. Fragrant and sweet corn rice, even my old son, said: “Mother, the evening meal of corn and then gave me Oh, I love to eat!”

Corn meal

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Sweet and delicious corn meal, a favorite son, the future availability on the electric steam cookers for him

2. Soy sauce pork ribs

With starch, soy sauce, salt and the pork ribs marinated, add cooking wine, sugar, bean and peanut oil and then mix, then add ginger, green onions can be steamed, and 30 minutes and leaves the pot into the dishes can be.

Soy sauce pork ribs

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Lunch served slightly!

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