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As much as any feminist may not like to admit it, most sexy Halloween costumes are gear towards women. For whatever reason, that is simply how it is. If you do not agree, let me know next time you see a men’s costume that features skintight plastic and reveals a lot of leg in a mainstream costume or department store. Whether or not you would add this to the list of sexy Halloween costumes is beside the point. The real question is should you be wearing such a costume this year?

A tween costume that appears too sexy can cause many parents a ton of concern. A young adult should not be dressed up on Halloween, or any other day, to appear as if were already a full grown woman. A parent is right to make sure their child leaves those sexy Halloween costumes to be worn by the adults.

If you are helping your child search for an appropriate preteen costume you probably won’t be looking for anything too risqu. Yes, there are sure to be lots of options to choose from. The wise parent would want to steer clear of the sexy Halloween costumes aisle. Instead of sexy, try to nudge your child to go for the scary or funny look.

You also might want to think about where it is your costume will be worn. It wouldn’t be appropriate to pick up your nieces and nephews to take them trick or treating dressed as a dominatrix. Similarly, the same costume would also be inappropriate at a party hosted by your new in-laws. Sexy Halloween costumes can be worn, but they should be worn with caution.

When considering the workplace you will also want make sure to wear something appropriate. Traditionally any sexy Halloween costumes would not be the place to wear sexy Halloween costumes; that is unless you work as a stripper! Under normal circumstances however, a Halloween costume that won’t be too distracting or distract from business should be worn. Daisy duke shorts just may not work for your clients, coworkers, or business partners.

Tweens and young adults can also make a normally sexy outfit less so by altering it. Sexy Halloween costumes can be toned down by covering the skin in the more revealing spots. A French maid can be made to look less sexy with tights instead of fishnets for stockings. Adding a little bit of imagination can help to turn an inappropriate look into one that is appropriate. Innovative costumes are more fun to look at than those that are too revealing anyway.

Joining in with a buddy or mate can also be a way to add fun to your costume this year. One could be Mario and the other Luigi; or what about Beauty and the Beast. You could even bring it back to real life and imitate a celebrity duo. How fun it would be to see Sunny and Cher walk through the door.

Before settling on browsing the sexy Halloween costumes, consider where you will be wearing yours and who will see you. Understand that not everyone may find it as humorous or cute. If it could potential offend someone, or put a friend or family member in an awkward situation, then choose something different. Also remember, even the skimpiest sexy Halloween costumes pale in comparison to the most clever and unique ones. Edited by Hetsil Protage
Sabung Ayam

“サヴォイでストムプ ”


Chick Webb’s Savoy Orchestra
Mario Bauza, Reunauld Jones, Taft Jordan (trumpet)
Sandy Williams (trombone)
Pete Clark, Edgar Sampson (alto sax , clarinet)
Elmer Williams (tenor sax)
Joe Steele (piano)
John Trueheart (banjo,guitar)
John Kirby (bass)
Chick Webb (drums, leader)

Edgar Sampson (arr)

recorded in May 18, 1934
Columbia 2926D mx.W152740=2

The Savoy Ballroom, located in Harlem, New York City, was a medium sized ballroom for music and public dancing that was in operation from March 12, 1926 to July 10, 1958.
It was located between 140th and 141st Streets on Lenox Avenue.

The Savoy was a popular dance venue from the late 1920s to the 1950s and many dances such as Lindy Hop became famous here. It was known downtown as the “Home of Happy Feet” but uptown, in Harlem, as “the Track”. Unlike the ‘whites only’ policy of the Cotton Club, the Savoy Ballroom was integrated where white and black Americans danced together. Virtuosic dancers, however, excluded others from the northeast corner of the dance floor, now referred to as the “Cat’s Corner,” a term not used at the time.

Chick Webb was the leader of the best known Savoy house band during the mid-1930s.

Sabung Ayam