Share top 5 christmas movies on you ipod

How time flies, Christmas is round the corner again! And one of the best parts of Christmas is have the entire family sit down and enjoy a nice Christmas movie together with the iPod’s wide screen. But which movies are the best? To help you get that special feeling, we’ve pulled together a list of the best Christmas movies that you’d love to watch on your new iPod this holiday.

1. Recipe for a Perfect Christmas

First-time food critic JJ Jenner is a cute but bookish 24-year-old whose transformation from low-level magazine writer to coveted food columnist faces just one roadblock–her free-spirited, scene-stealing mother, who shows up unannounced for the holidays. Low on energy and patience, and desperate to get some work done, JJ sets her mom up with Alex, a sweet and ambitious young chef, in exchange for reviewing his struggling restaurant. When writer’s block suddenly hits, JJ begins to recognize that her true feelings for Alex may be the problem. As Christmas nears, JJ learns that her mother is just as vulnerable and insecure as she is, and that love and family are worth risking everything for.

2. Road to Christmas

Claire can’t wait to tie the knot with her handsome multimillionaire fiance. But her plans for a storybook Christmas Eve wedding in Aspen are derailed when a huge storm paralyzes the entire Rocky Mountain region. Forced to hitchhike to reach the aisle, Claire meets widower Wes and his 12-year-old daughter. Though it s hate at first sight for the adults, over the course of their arduous three-day journey, Claire and Wes come to realize that their initial preconceptions about each other are all wrong, and an undeniable attraction develops between them.

On the eve of her wedding, Claire is forced to ask herself a surprising question: is Wes, a man who is seemingly wrong for her in every possible way, really Mr. Right? Starring Jennifer Grey and Clark Gregg.

3. The Original Christmas Classics

Classic Media brings us 7 Christmas specials in one gorgeous package in its “Original Christmas Classics” DVD collection. The headliners of this set are the three greatest Rankin/Bass Christmas TV specials of all-time: Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Frosty the Snowman, and Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town! In addition to these, we are treated to “The Little Drummer Boy”, “Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol”, “Cricket on the Hearth”, and “Frosty Returns”. Plus, a CD of holiday music selections is even included as a bonus!

I was happy to find such a wonderful collection of favorites and was very gratful for the low price. I bought this for myself, as most of us, I grew up watching these classic stories and enjoyed them.

4. National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

This is a classic comedy for the holidays. The third installment of the Griswold family saga is a significant improvement over their previous vacation (National Lampoon’s European Vacation). The cast is great. Chevy Chase is, as always, histerical, as is Beverly D’Angelo as his smart-aleck wife. Julia-Louis Dreyfus is great as one of Clark’s stuck-up neighbors, but the funniest role has to be Randy Quaid as Clark’s redneck cousin, Eddie. What we have here is a special edition of this great movie, which will contain audio commentary from both Beverly D’Angelo and Chevy Chase, a “making of” featurette, as well as other stocking stuffers which have yet to be disclosed at this present time.

5. Disney’s A Christmas Carol

I really love this story and am especially a fan of Robert Zemeckis and his work. I find it hard to believe that some people were turned off by A Christmas Carol, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I found there to be equal amounts of adults and children in the theater when I went to see this film. Couples ranging from late teens to middle age were there and laughing along with the kids.

A Christmas Carol is a great film with a great story and heart. This combo pack is the best way to see it both in HD and SD. Just buy it and you will have a great Christmas this year.

So you have it, a couple of these nice movies. Why not upload on you ipod, you can use dvd to itunes or professional dvd to ipod touch software. Just follow this guide: how to put videos on ipod. Then you can enjoy your Christmas on your ipod easily.