Sharp Create Ups Of A Handful of Cinematic Productions

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Cry Terror: This fast moving film hides the implausibility of the caper of psychopath Steiger pushing Mason to support him in master extortion plot that was filmed on N.Y.C. areas. Cast consists of James Mason, Rod Steiger, Inger Stevens, Neville Label, Angie Dickinson, and Jack Klugman. (96 minutes,’58)

Scandalous: A feather brained sham in regards to investigative Television journalist who runs afoul of a group of con artists as he tries to extricate himself from a homicide charge. Cast consists of Robert Hays, John Giegud, Pamela Stephenson, and Jim Dale. (94 minutes,’84)

Strange Bedfellows: Hudson ambles by means of an additional domestic mix-up comedy, this one with spicy Gina and lots of dry humor. This movie is light amusement that was filmed in London. Cast contains Rock Hudson, Gina LolIobrigida, Gig Young, Terry Thomas, and Nancy Kulp. (98 minutes,’65)

Wonderful Guns: Later Laurel and Hardy Army comedy is weak, not as poor as some even though far underneath their classic films. Cast consists of Stan Laurel, Oliver Hardy, Sheila Ryan, Dick Nelson, and Edmund MacDonald. (74 minutes,’41)

Delta Force Two: Norris leads his Delta Force brigade into Latin America in an try to snuff out an elusive drug lord. Cast consists of Chuck Norris, John P. Ryan, Paul Perri, Richard Jaeckel, Begonia Plaza, Mateo Gomez, Hector Mercardo, and Billy Drago. (110 minutes,’90)

Slaughter’s Huge Rip-off: A murderer is nonetheless playing games with the Mob in this dull action film. McMahon provides much more work to his part as the mob boss than it merits. Cast consists of Jim Brown, Ed McMahon, Brock Peters, Don Stroud, Gloria Hendry, Dick Anthony Williams, and Art Metrano. (93 minutes,’73)

Hackers: A group of youthful laptop specialists is framed for crimes committed by pc whiz and would-be master felon Stevens, and have to use their own personal computer skills to demonstrate their innocence. It is quick paced and the lucid directing tends to make it entertaining. Cast involves Jonny Lee Miller, Angelina. Jolie, Fisher Stevens, Matthew Lillard, Laurence Mason, Jesse Bradford, Renoly Santiago, Lorraine Bracco, Wendell Perforate, Penn Jillette, Felicity Huffman, and Marc Anthony. (105 minutes,’95)

My Son John: Archetypal apple-pie parents (Hayes, Jagger) suspect their youngster (Stroller) of being a communist in this reactionary period piece. Dramatically overwrought, nonetheless this film is fascinating as a social history. Stroller (who’s brilliant) died ahead of film was completed. Cast consists of Helen Hayes, Robert Stroller, Dean Jagger, Van Heflin, Frank McHugh, and Richard Jaeckel. (122 minutes,’52)

Adhere to the Sun: The film is a fictionalized biopic of golfer Ben Hogan with hokey dramatics to fill in lean spots. Cast contains Glenn Ford, Anne Baxter, and Dennis O’keefe. (93 minutes,’51)

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