Sharp Create Ups Of A Special Selection Of Cinematic Productions

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Dinner Rush: A tumultuous day in the life of a lately fashionable N.Y.C. restaurant. Owner Aiello is contemplating of providing up his bookie job, his megastar cook is requesting part ownership of the restaurant, and then 2 mobsters materialized to spend an unfriendly visit, and so forth. Flavorful film has the ring of reality inside the restaurant, and outdoors it is brimming with life. Cast contains Danny Aiello, Edoardo Ballerini, Vivian Wu, Mike McGlone, Kirk Acevedo, John Corbett, Sandra Bernhard, Summer season Phoenix, Polly Draper, Mark Margolis, and Ajay Naidu. (100 minutes, 2001)

Rebel: Tiresome, justifiably vague time tablet characterizing Stallone, pre-stardom, as a disassociated political extremist (a fascinating balance to Rambo). Cast includes Antony Web page, Sylvester E. Stallone, Rebecca Dirties, and Henry G. Sanders. (112 minutes,’74)

Dusty: A discreet feeling small film in regards to a dingo (crazy mutt of the bush), seized when a puppy and eventually brought up by an old gentleman (Kerr). Grownups can like it as a lot as kids. Cast involves John Richardson. Bill Kerr, Noel Trevarthen, Carol Bums, Nicholas Holland, John Stanton, and Kate Edwards. (88 minutes,’82)

Chelsea Walls: Impressionistic ode to N.Y.C.’s fabled Chelsea Hotel and the ghosts of tormented inventive souls like Bob Dylan who influenced the present inhabitants, from a recently identified Midwestern folksinger to a booze-ridden novelist who could not get his act together. Cast consists of Kevin Corrigan, Rosario Dawson, Vincent D’Onofrio, Robert Sean Leonard, Kris Kristofferson, Natasha Richardson, Small Jimmy Scott, John Seitz, Uma Thurman, Mark Weber, Tuesday Weld, Steve Zahn, and Christopher Walken. (112 minutes, 2002)

Hail Mafia: Somewhat fascinating melodrama in regards to employed killers going after a witness that has witnessed mob activities. Cast consists of Henry Silva, Jack Klugman, Eddie Constantine, Elsa Martinelli, and Micheline Presle. (89 minutes,’65)

Day of Wrath: Remarkably properly place with each other drama in regards to an old lady implicated of becoming a sorcerer and the hex that she sets on the minister who is accountable for her flaming. Cast consists of Thorkild Roose, Lisbeth Movin, Sigrid Neiiendam, Preben Lerdorff, and Anna Svierker. (100 minutes,’4)

Rambling Rose: An evocative story set in’30s Georgia, with Dem as an oversexed senseless gal who comes to operate for a ladylike household headed by Duvall and Ladd. Vibrant, pleasantly detailed, and properly performed, with many delightful surprises in the course of the voyage. Cast contains Laura Dem, Robert Duvall, Diane Ladd, Lukas Haas, John Heard, Kevin Conway, Robert J. Burke, Lisa Jakub, and Evan Lockwood. (112 minutes,’91)

Prophecy: A classical musician and her doctor spouse quarrel over what seems to be gigantic salami in upstate Maine soon after mercury turns animals into big mutants and worse. A ludicrous terror film that is excellent for a couple of chuckles. Cast contains Talia Shire, Robert Foxworth, Armand Assante, Richard Dysart, and Victoria Racimo. (95 minutes,’79)

The Alannist: An eccentric and choppy black comedy in reference to a novice door to door security alarm salesman (Arquette) who finds that his manager and self-fashioned mentor (Tucci) is a crook. Then the youthful gentleman falls in adore with his initial client (Capshaw). Cast contains David Arquette, Stanley Tucci, Kate Capshaw, Mary McCormack, Ryan Reynolds, and Tricia Vessey. (93 minutes,’98)

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