Sharp Critiques Of A Wide Range Of Feature Films

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The Thief of Paris: An intense comedy-drama with private issues turning Belmondo to thievery for reprisal against the world. Ultimately he finds that becoming a crook has turn out to be his entire life. Cast involves Jean-Paul Belmondo, Genevieve Bujold, Marie Dubois, Francoise Fabian, and Julien Guiomar. (119 minutes, 1967)

Cuban Rebel Girls: This is Flynn’s final film, and is an embarrassment. Playing himself, he assists Fidel Castro in his overthrow of Batista. The film is filmed on place all through the Castro rebellion. Of interest only to see Flynn teamed with his quite last lady friend, sixteen-year-old Aadland. Cast consists of Errol Flynn, Beverly Aadland, John McKay, and Marie Edmund. (68 minutes, 1959)

The Gene Krupa Story: A commonplace rendition of amazing jazz drummer’s life, his ups and downs, and his battle with pill dependency Cast consists of Don Weis, Sal Mineo, Susan Kohner, James Darren, Susan Oliver, Yvonne Craig, Lawrence Dobkin, Crimson Nichols, and Buddy Lester. (101 minutes, 1959)

Representative Cody Banks: A geeky, shy fifteen year old (Muniz) who is secretly a junior spy for the CIA is designated to befriend the cute daughter of a scientist creating a secret weapon for a wicked organization. This fun filled, huge spoof mix of Bond, Spy Children, and Males in Black as an adolescent boy’s fantasy materializes. It is bundled with hot babes, cool automobiles, intense games action, and higher tech devices galore. Cast involves Frankie Muniz, Hilary Duff, Angie Harmon, Keith David, Ian McShane, Arnold Vosloo, Cynthia Stevenson, Daniel Roebuck, Darrell Hammond, and Martin Donovan. (102 minutes, 2003)

Hollow Man: A new take on The Invisible Man has conceited scientist prodigy Bacon arranging to try his revolutionary recipe on himself, with incendiary outcomes. Cast contains Kevin Bacon, Elisabeth Shue, Josh Brolin, William Devane, Greg Grunberg, Mary Jo Randle, Joey Slotnick, Steve Altes, and Kim Dickens. (114 minutes, 2000)

The Final Temptation of Christ: An imaginative and inciting film from Nikos Kazantzakis’ novel which presumes in regards to Jesus’ self-queries when he realizes that he has been chosen by The Lord to tote His message. Moments of outstanding beauty are lowered somehow by mundane discussion and dull scenes. Cast contains William Dafoe, Harvey Keitel, Barbara Hershey, Harry Dean Stanton, David Bowie, Vema Bloom, Andre Gregory, Juliette Caton, Roberts Blossom, Irvin Kershner, Nehemiah Persoff, and Barry Miller. (164 minutes, 1988)

Lawrence of Arabia: A blockbuster biography of enigmatic adventurer T. E. Lawrence is that rarity, an epic film that is additionally proficient. It loses some steam in the second half, however is nevertheless a knockout, particularly in 1989 reissue rendition, which repaired several cuts created over the years. Cast contains Peter O’Toole, Alec Guinness, Anthony Quinn, Jack Hawkins, Claude Pours, Anthony Quayle, Arthur Kennedy, Omar Sharif, and Jose Ferrer. (216 minutes, 1962)

Bulletproof Heart: Fortunate hit guy LaPaglia gets a job he’s not really cut out for. He is hired to take out an desirable lady who is in debt with the mob. 4 effectively-conditioned, properly-played characters like Boyle’s gloomy mobster and Craven’s dimwit companion-do not count really make this a hit. Cast consists of Anthony LaPaglia, Mimi Rogers, Peter Boyle, Matt Craven, and Joseph Maher. (one hundred minutes, 1994)

Believe in me: But an additional 1970s film that all about drug issues. Functioning gal Bisset finds that she has become fully dependent on speed whilst living in the East Village section of New York City. Cast contains Michael Sarrazin, Jacqueline Bisset, Jon Cypher, Allen Garfield, and Kurt Dodenhoff. (90 minutes, 1971)

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