She Wants to Be Just Friends – Do You Want Her Back?

You’ve got to admit it. If your girlfriend says she just wants to be friends – you’ve broken up. If this isn’t exactly what you want then here’s some good news. This excuse means you are usually still capable of getting her back again.

Don’t panic, although that often is the first reaction it seldom will help the situation and usually makes things a lot worse. The first thing you have to do is get control of your own feelings.

You may feel a little bit like a headless chicken and not know what direction to go in but if you want any chance of getting your ex back again you half to remain positive and stay strong like a Hollywood hero. Acting desperate in any way will drive her further away and almost certainly put an end to the relationship for good.

You must appear at least to accept the breakup and even tell her that you agree with it putting you on her side over the issue. Not easy to do I know when you feel like a horse has kicked you in the guts.

Don’t cut yourself off from a social life and you should seriously consider dating other girls since you can never underestimate the value of a little bit of jealousy. Knowing that you are capable of living without your ex girlfriend might just come as a shock to her and she may even make attempts at making up if she knows you’re not alone.

There is always a little bit of cat and mouse behavior in relationships with each partner testing the waters on how far they can go. If you are serious about getting your girlfriend back again then don’t mess up the chances and learn how to create your own.

You certainly must have thought out a plan of action on how to get her back again and getting her to actually miss being with you is only the first step.