Should You Be Concerned About Olive Leaf Toxicity?

If you take or intend to take olive leaf (OL), you would naturally be concerned about olive leaf toxicity. The positive news is that a search for olive leaf toxicity in the research literature brings up very little. In fact one finds that the active ingredient – oleuropein – prevents some toxicities such as iron toxicity in the liver.

So while OL is close to being the next best thing after sliced bread in terms of its medical benefits, there are still some effects that one should be aware of.

It kills bacteria and viruses. As these microbial organisms die, they can give rise to symptoms such as mental dullness, irritability, headaches, nervousness, muscle and joint aches, fatigue and skin sensitivity.

There is no reason to be too concerned if this happens during early usage. It is a rather ironic confirmation that OL is doing its job. The best way to deal with this is to temporarily stop using and then resuming when symptoms subside. Obviously if symptoms persist, one should see their medical professional.

The other effect only needs to be of concern if one is diabetic. OL is known to lower blood glucose level. This means diabetics need to consult their medical professionals before taking.

Lastly OL can dilate blood vessels thereby reducing blood pressure. This is good for those suffering from hypertension. However, for the tiny minority who may be suffering from low blood pressure, this is not such a good thing. Again discussing with one’s medical professional would be the best course of action.

So there it is: Very little can be found regarding olive leaf toxicity whether from clinical or animal studies. In fact OL is a very good supplement which helps clear free radicals, has anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, helps lower high blood pressure and helps against colds and flu.

If you have been considering taking OL, then you can try it out with confidence unless you fall into one of the risk groups.

I have no reason to be concerned about olive leaf toxicity and personally take it as part of a multi-ingredient supplement which means all the ingredients work cooperatively together. I have experienced the beneficial effects starting with an absence of flus and colds, more energy and generally being more upbeat.

If you would also like to know more about the supplement than I take that contains this great leaf, then please visit my website. 

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