Shuaikang The First To Reach The New National Standard Water Heater Market, Lifting The Technology

2007 4 10, China
Shuaikang leading brand in the Great Hall at a press conference to announce Shuaikang
Water Heater
Intelligent anti-power wall to “anti-power wall” national standard, this time from the new national standards for electric water heaters have 81 days to implement.

Shuaikang water heater conference

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Anti-electric wall heater
technology is mainly used storage-type electric water heater, it means by “leakage
Protective equipment “sub-voltage protection (from 220V down to 12V) to foreign leak on the human body to minimize the chance of injury. The water heater business in China is to the environment for China’s electricity consumption 70% of urban households Status Environment unsafe design , in
Unusual circumstances, the anti-wall electric heaters can be automatically cut off the zero line and the line of fire, and dangerous to safe voltage less voltage drop, to avoid accidents caused by abnormal ground. Now only Shuaikang and
Both companies have the technology.

Shuaikang Group President Zou state that China’s products to have the “core” products not only meet the product should have the function, even taking into account the unique Chinese culture and the use of environment products with special requirements. This is a corporate social responsibility should be assumed. Shuaikang electric water heater functions in the first anti-ground compliance is Shuaikang has been pursuing, that is in maximum security
Bath safety who, while building Shuaikang electric water heater “safe core.”

Shuaikang water heater Development Minister Zhang Hui Bao said, since 2002, Shuaikang began to “anti-power wall” technology research, the latest smart technology to Shuaikang case against electric wall heaters to achieve a more core technological breakthrough, when no ground wire, ground wire or electric external environment of insecurity, not only can automatically cut off
Power supply
And sound and light alarm can be issued to build a comprehensive security system is the anti-wall technology, a major upgrade electricity.

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Committee for Standardization Secretary-General, Madrid
Army List
Said electric water heater before the German R & D is limited to the product itself, focus on improving the safety of the product itself, but ignored the hidden power environment, anti-power wall “technology is based on the user perspective to product innovation, the electric water heater industry R & D proposed a new idea. China Consumer Association Deputy Secretary-General Wu Gaohan also remind consumers, he said, “Do not superstitious foreign brands to choose more sensible security products. “

Industry believes that the national standards against the introduction of electric wall, so has been electric water heater market in China has the advantage of foreign brand patents surprise, in the Chinese market, “maintaining the status quo” of the product strategy risks gradually. With the new national standard implementation deadline approaches, to Shuaikang domestic enterprises represented by the new national standard to adopt positive measures to respond to, foreign brands will face a new round of tests, electric water heater industry changes have ready.
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