Sigvaris Hose – A Better Choice For Support Hose

Pregnant women, varicose vein sufferers, and people at risk for deep vein thrombosis and other venous disorders are often advised to wear support hose to improve blood flow and circulation in the legs. But a quick browse of the support stocking aisle of your local pharmacy may have you wondering if hose even come in shades other than beige. There’s good news: Sigvaris hose manufactures a variety of fashionable stockings for men and women, so you don’t have to hide your legs even if you’re wearing compression hosiery.

There are several choices when it comes to support hose, including stockings that vary by:

Thickness: Do you want a lighter-weight support hose that looks like regular panty hose but supports like a compression stocking? The Sigvaris Sheer Fashion hosiery line is available in knee high and thigh high lengths. Men can choose ribbed dress socks for men. Women can choose supportive hosiery that is no thicker than a pair of panty hose – there’s no need for anyone to wear droopy, unsightly looking support hose!

Color: Taupe isn’t the only color option available. A variety of colors are available for your fashion needs such as terracotta, charcoal, black, navy, suntan, and white. Both support hosiery and socks are available in these colors.

Styles and textures: You change your socks depending on what outfit you’re wearing that day, so your Sigvaris hose shouldn’t be any different. A variety of patterns and textures by the manufacturer Sigvaris, including ribbed, casual socks or lighter-weight dress socks. The Casual Cotton or the Cushioned Cotton lines are great for athletic or casual wear.

Where can you buy support hose? Buying support hose online is often the most convenient process for people who need legwear. Online retailers such as Jobst, Mediven, and Juzo offer measuring instructions on their websites that will help ensure you get support stockings that fit perfectly.