Similar Gulf of Mexico Disaster Would be Repeated Many Times

And the extent of industrial pollution is comparable to the role of man-made, if the emphasis on drilling BP abnormal noise before the explosion, if the aluminum plant in Hungary before seriously dam leakage, both from the environmental events are likely to be avoided.

When people are also floating on the sea in the Americas, the Gulf of Mexico oil and burnt when, far away in Europe, the Danube River Basin and broke the news of industrial toxic waste leak. This year’s water pollution incident can be described as “dog has his day”, the blue Gulf waters “to” black, blue Waves of the Danube “dyed” red, change the makeup of these brutal “Black Sea” and “Red River” no one not warning people, ignore the post-industrial era of rapid economic development can not be associated with environmental pollution problems.

People still remember the Gulf of Mexico oil spill to the Gulf were more than 400 million gallons of crude, causing a large number of fish deaths, dozens of extinction, the long-term impact on the local environment still difficult to assess. In order to plugging, British Petroleum (BP) to pay 95 billion dollars, the latter will be several times the number of compensation. In addition, the oil spill also led to coastal fisheries, tourism collapsed and leisurely lifestyle of the Gulf of Mexico is almost gone.

The disclosure of the Hungarian Aluminium waste harm the environment and the loss is not secondary to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Hungary, the latest government data showed, 4 number of leaks of toxic waste from 600,000 to 700,000 cubic meters, almost matched the scale of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Red river of toxic waste pollution stretches nearly 15 kilometers, an area of 41 square kilometers pollution 3 villages houses flooded and farmland were destroyed, heavily polluted tributary of the Danube. Hungary is the Hungarian prime minister called the incident “the worst ever ecological event.”

It is estimated that the spill on the river pollution and impairment charges of up to HUF 10.2 billion, the loss on the surrounding environment about 120 million forint. After the destruction of 800 hectares of local hectares of land need to replace the soil, hair Ercao Seoul river ecosystems may take 3 years to 5 years to recover. The aluminum seat of the three towns may be permanently lost, because the local ecological reconstruction of the town destroyed, “meaningless.”

Fanatical pursuit of economic growth, combined with slow long-term environmental protection, leading to human water pollution caused by intrusion into his hand, this “self-inflicted” catastrophe is showing growth – to improve the frequency and degree of deepening. Even more frightening is that human economic activity generated by a large number of sources not only to bring their own harassment, but also hurt the innocent creatures. In the frequent occurrence of water pollution incidents, many dozens of peaceful coexistence and human biological century, a large number of dead or permanently disappear. Gulf of Mexico oil leak caused an estimated 280,000 seabirds, thousands of marine animals, 10 species of animals are facing the threat, 3 species of rare animals face extinction. October 4, Hungary aluminum water tank burst, the local gross Ercao r. suffered a fatal blow to the ecosystem, pollution in river fish kill all plants can not escape, almost all of extinction.

Raising the level of industrial development has brought to mankind a huge economic benefits, but the slightest mistake on the human-caused disaster will be enormous. The Danube River from the Gulf of Mexico, there are many ecological disaster will repeat itself? Manufacture of industrial pollution as a “culprit” Should not behave yourself human behavior, take action to prevent recurrence of such serious pollution of the environment there?

History, along with the Industrial Revolution, industrial waste water pollution has not stopped. Early in the 18th century, the British industrial revolution took place on the River Thames broke out in the event of industrial wastewater pollution, and then, over two centuries, the industrial wastewater pollution incident heard the nineteenth century, water pollution, Hamburg, Germany, twenty century, mercury pollution in Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan, the beginning of this century, the Danube in Romania gold mine pollution, pollution of the Songhua River in China, the U.S. Gulf of Mexico oil spill, water burst into the aluminum plant in Hungary, once again, the vicious water pollution continue to endanger humans, to today, industrial pollution, poisoned rivers and lakes for the more serious level.

Statistics show that 40% of the world rivers are polluted due to industrial waste water, waste caused by the emissions. Industrial waste contained arsenic, cadmium, lead, nickel, chromium, mercury and other highly toxic metal pollutants, water pollution, easy to clean once. The current strength of the human remains small in the face of nature, water pollution, there is no face of a powerful weapon “lock on” to rely on the purification of water out of the crisis itself. September 20 BP wells only blocked the drain, while the huge Gulf of Mexico oil column still can not do anything; recent days, the Hungarian Government has done is just put in plaster and freezing dam the toxic waste poisoning Water trapped in the local, to maximize protection of the Danube. But such efforts, the Danube or the abnormal value was detected. 8, in the Danube River and the junction of Hyderabad, PH value of water as high as 9.1, dead fish floating over the river, the Danube downstream scared Croatia, Serbia and Romania, and several other countries, once every three to four hours testing water quality with one of paranoia, real or imagined scene.

No wonder they are so tight in fact, water pollution is far more than the cruel people’s imagination. World Health Organization data show that consumption of contaminated water led to 3,500 million people worldwide suffer from cardiovascular disease each year, 7,000 people suffering from gallstones, 9,000 people have hepatitis. In addition to water pollution hazards to human health, but also bring crop failures, led to ecological disaster. In order to control pollution in river systems, to pay the cost of governance costs and error correction may become perpetrators can not shirk. 18th century, in order to control pollution of the River Thames, the British Government has invested over 500 million pounds, which lasted over a hundred years. In order to solve the problem of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, BP may need to invest 32.2 billion, just plugging 5 has been time-consuming than a month, completely taking at least three to five years probably. British Petroleum wealth, in 2009 the total assets of 236 billion U.S. dollars, if not a lump sum of cash, oil spill compensation should not hurt their strength, but the situation in Hungary is different aluminum, this second-largest aluminum company in Hungary Although the share of 4% world market share, but in fact only established in 1995, just a private enterprise meet the enormous amount of effort possible ecological disaster compensation for bad, this, October 11, the Hungarian Parliament bill will be resumed by accident Aluminum owned by the Hungarian government representatives responsible for placement of toxic waste spill. Soil and water enough to destroy a business party, but to restore the ecology is far from being a company within its power, the world has become increasingly serious ecological pollution of today to the international community and governments for Public Management challenges and tests, and to respond to this test, there several Governments ready?

Accident itself is undoubtedly sad and shocked, although a positive relief after the Hungarian parties but no amount of remedial measures and a timely action in advance. Following the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, the Danube water leak once again sounded the alarm to humans, for oversight to prevent such incidents around the world should be a warning, if gently let go of the future, there will be more difficult to avoid the crisis , more tragedies will be staged.