Simple Steps For Posting Your First eBay Auction

A lot of people, even those who have used eBay as a buyer, are a bit confused on how to post their first item for sale. In this article I will cover the basics steps of how to list your first item. Follow these steps and you’ll be listing item after item in no time.

The first thing you obviously need to do is open an eBay account. Opening an account is fairly simple. Just go to eBay’s website and sign up by following the steps provided. The only thing necessary to open an eBay seller’s account is an e-mail address and a PayPal account.

Next you must decide what you want to sell. It’s recommended that you start by selling something you already own. The point of doing this is to gain experience and get comfortable with the eBay listing process. Pick anything around the house that you no longer want or need and get ready to create your first auction.

To sell your item, you must click the ‘Sell’ tab and follow the prompts. The first thing you will have to do is pick a category. Next you will write your items title and description. Take advantage of all of the space provided to write your title. Listing as many interesting facts about your item in the title as possible will invoke buyer interest.

After writing your title and item description, you’ll choose a starting price. For your first auction, you’ll probably want to start the price at between $ 0.01 and $ 0.99 depending on the type of item that you’re listing. Next pick the duration of time that your item will be listed for. The longer, the better. On bid style listings, it’s recommended to set the auction duration at 7 days. After that, pick the places you are willing to ship to. For new sellers, I recommend only shipping within your own country. Once all of the required information is filled in, submit your item.

Now we’re on to the waiting game. You must wait until the timer on your listing ticks down until the auction ends. While this is happening, thousands of buyers will be exposed to your item and will be able to bid on it. If someone asks you a question about your item, do your best to answer it as quickly as possible. It’s also helpful to post the question and answer on your listing so that you won’t have to answer the same question several times.

Sometimes your item won’t sell on the first try. Don’t let that frustrate you. You can always list it a second time for free without having to pay additional fees. Sometimes it takes listing an item more than one time to find a buyer.

The last step is getting paid and shipping the item. PayPal will send you an e-mail when the item has been paid for. Do not ship the item before someone pays for it. Even when someone wins an item on eBay, they are not required to pay for it immediately on bid style listings. Sometimes, buyers won’t pay for the item at all. That is why it’s important to wait until the item is actually paid for before you ship it.

Once you’ve been paid for the item, it’s time to ship it. The e-mail you receive from eBay letting you know that the buyer has paid for their item should also include information about where to ship the item to. Take care when shipping your items. This can be a big factor in what kind of feedback the buyer will leave you. As a new seller, it’s imperative that you keep your feedback at 100% if you want people to continue buying from you. Pack your items as you would like to receive them if someone else was shipping them to you.

That’s it. By following these simple steps you should be well on your way to eBay success. Best of luck.