Simple Tasty Appetizers For Special Events

All special occasions and parties require some planning. Often food needs to be prepared for such events, and thinking about what to serve can be a conundrum. Some guests may be meat eaters whilst others may not, therefore, preparing food that will please both is essential. Preparing the catering in advance will help the host to be more organized and better manage their time. The following recipes list some tasty appetizers for parties

A dip such as sun dried tomato and garlic hummus, can be easily prepared in advance of the occasion. This hummus however, does not use either olive oil or tahini. Add two tablespoons of sun dried tomatoes (chopped) with water, about one quarter of a cup. Add two cloves of garlic and a can of chick peas (15oz). Place ingredients into food processor and blend until desired consistency is achieved. Season, and serve with baguette slices or, warm pita.

Tomatoes stuffed with mozzarella. Using large beef tomatoes, remove the tops and remove inners with a teaspoon. Tear mozzarella into small pieces, and stuff into the tomato using a small spoon. Drizzle with olive oil, and add a pinch of ground black pepper. Tomatoes can be decorated by adding a sprig of parsley to the top.

Stuffed apples. In a bowl mix approx a quarter of a cup of peanut butter, with a teaspoon of honey and two tablespoons of raisins. Mix well. Core some large apples of choice. Fill the indentation in the apples with the mixture and then store in the fridge for about twenty minutes. When completely chilled, slice apples about one quarter of an inch thick, and serve.

Stuffed cucumber. Mix two, pressed garlic cloves with four tablespoons of herb cream cheese, add some ham that has been chopped into small pieces (optional). Put this mixture to one side. Peel a large cucumber, and cut into slices of around two inches thick. Remove the seeds from the center using a teaspoon. Fill the center with the mixture, and allow to chill. The cucumber slices can be decorated with a basil leaf.

Cheese and ham skewers. Using ham of choice either oven baked, smoked or honey roasted, cut into cubes of around three quarter inches, slice some cubes of cheese (blue, cheddar, edam)to about the same size. Slice apple into thirds. Using a skewer, thread the ham, cheese and then the apple. The skewers are ready to serve.

Blue cheese and honey brushetta. Cut a baguette into slices of around half an inch, and place under the grill for around one minute per side or, until golden. Place some blue cheese on the top of each slice and then drizzle with honey.

Melon sail boats. Using a honey dew melon, Slice into portions of around two inches in thickness, remove seed. Slice a lemon into one quarter inch slices and cut each slice in half. Thread lemon through a cocktail stick and place a cherry on the end of it. Insert cocktail stick into the inner slices of melon.

These recipes may hopefully suit all guests. Quick and easy to make, many of these appetizers for parties may be pre prepared and served on the arrival of guests.
Sabung Ayam
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