Since when was wealth a pseudonym for anarchy – well it isn’t but stress and greed are.

First let me apologies in advance as many of you will expect to read further about the beautiful Island of Bali, particularly as I have taken many months off from bestowing the virtues of Bali Private Villas.

I am increasingly concerned even alarmed as to the well being of the developing communities as for some time now they have enjoyed a period of catch up in their living standards, standards that we abuse and take for granted in the west. However, these countries behind the curve have a long way to go to achieve a welfare state such that the UK or France enjoy, although some would argue as to how long those two can afford the systems that they have in place, but that is another story.

My concern is simple, perhaps two fold; in order for the economic circle to be complete then money has to be recycled otherwise we all grind to a halt at which time we return to the caves and the tree’s from whence we came. Can that be a bad thing, as in all honesty we would experience a sense of belonging, a community where camaraderie would be the major currency of the moment.

However, we are far from such a place, but we are dangerously close to a form of anarchy if a paradigm shift is not soon to come our way.


1) How long can the world or better still countries of the world be able to govern their citizens if individuals are able to rob the tax coffers of the incumbent treasuries. I am told as a case in point that that the plush apartment building built by the Candy Brothers and overlooks Hyde Park in the heart of Kensington London, with each apartment retailing at a mere GPB38M / $ 60M, that each of the purchasers were able to exploit a legal loop hole and avoid the stamp duty tax which at 2.5% is a significant loss to the public coffers causing a hole in our finances that us mere mortals are expected to cover.

2) Greece has been encouraged to forfeit Saturdays, such a move has sparked debate in other countries suggesting that they too should follow suit. Here the debate is interesting; captains of industry, entrepreneurs alike are rubbing their hands in glee at such a prospect as this day would be a bonus for them. The same people who use aggressive tax avoidance schemes will be handed on a plate another 10 hours of productivity totally free of charge, are we exploited or what?

3) Perhaps the most distressing concern of all – given that we all know that the US has driven the world economy by ensuring that their hard earning dollars are spent, thus making the economic miracle a reality for all of us, but they have done this by becoming seriously in debt – they cannot continue to prop us all up.

However, what is so alarming is this 50% of the worlds wealth sits with 2% of the population. I don’t know what that says but it sure as hell cannot be healthy, to have a so few people squirreling money away at such an alarming rate, such that they would have a hard time spending the interest on such wealth.

4) We all have heard such stories like we mustn’t tax the rich as they will take their business elsewhere, thus exporting jobs. Sorry I don’t buy this, we are a global economy and we have a duty to ensure that people are responsible with their wealth and that they ensure that funds flow around to all. After all it is said somewhere that we are all equal, just some are better at math’s or more privileged than others ensuring a leg up on the global scale. Some are high achievers in the financial houses others are high achievers in cancer nursing – what entitles an east end barrow boy made good in the dealing floors of Morgan Stanley to have a better life than say a nurse offering respite in a hospice.

5) Perhaps the most poignant of all, who invented money as they surely must never have envisaged that money would hold greater sway over government and government’s policy than the electorate that they are there to serve.

I have rambled on here but I am in need of a wakeup call as I must be missing the point, as for me I am one of Maggie’s children and a beneficiary of the capitalist world and practices, but I now believe that Capitalism has had its day and we must surely find a way to bring us all back into balance. Otherwise who will care for the rich in their dying days – silly question as they can pay for care so who will care for us the other 98%.

Politicians get real you are abdicating power, our lively hoods, our ability to enjoy life’s rich tapestry to a few attendees of the Davos elite. If capitalism has a future then put some of the 50% held by the 2% back into circulation.

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Sabung Ayam
Solah Baras Ki Bali Umar, Rati Agnihotri, Lata Mangeshkar, Ek Duuje Ke Liye, Romantic Song

Watch this romantic song “Solah Baras Ki Bali Umar Ko Salaam”from hindi movie Ek Duuje Ke Liye (1981) starring Kamal Haasan, Rati Agnihotri, Madhavi, Shubha Khote
Director: K. Balachander, Music Director: Laxmikant Pyarelal
Producer: L.V Prasad
Singer: Lata Mangeshkar

Sabung Ayam