Single Parents Dating Tips: The Important Guide To Having A Well Balanced Love Life

Often times, our human nature gets the best of us when it comes to relationships. How can you find a well balanced relationship and a happy life if you are constantly eyeing others. What are the chances of use getting into satisfaction in what we have?

The feeling of envy can weigh you down and be a burden which can be destructive to you and your relationship. But you can turn it around so that it can be helpful and motivational. How? You can make it so it can make you realise that you have to make changes- with yourself and your situation.

What we are trying to say to you is that you take the time to know and understand the roots of your envy and insecurities. Identify what your needs are and how they are fulfilled so that it’s in a balance in your life. You shouldn’t ditch your partner right away and go in pursuit of the single life or get into a relationship with first willing person your meet.

1. Life is not a movie. Life is not a movie that’s full of climax and drama, and that ends just a few hours. If you like watching romantic chick flicks, these can very well paint you a rose-tinted image on how a relationship should be. Remember that depressing and feeling agitated over your partner; just because he won’t stand in the rain with you, take you to wonderful and breathtaking places, tell you all those romantic things you wish you’d hear. If it marks a point when you believe that your partner doesn’t give you importance because he can’t sacrifice his Xbox for you; every other single person has been thinking exactly the same thing as you. Life is real, movies only last for 2 or 3 hours at most. If you want a real happy ever after then stop thinking like the movies; live outside it and make it real.

2. Remember that everybody fights. During those times in which you have just successfully established a relationship with each other; your partner may seem to be the best. It’s all about pleasing you and win you over. But now as you become more familiar and comfortable with each other, these small bickering can turn into huge fights. That’s how a relationship will progress, of course you argue, but you would know better.

3. Remember your status. When you have been single for a while, be patient. Remember that there is someone out there meant for you. Enjoy being single and pamper yourself while you’re at it. Get to know yourself more before you share your life with someone. If you are in a relationship then ask yourself why you love your partner. What makes him attracted to you? And what makes him attracted to you? Focus on the times where you are happy and why you are still together. Get yourself the right ideas about love and romance and not just mainly from books and novels- but the real things; your experiences and your pasts.

When you find yourself getting envious about others, look deep down in yourself. Dig down until you can find that things you wish to be doing- and then do it! Turn envy around and use it as a tool so that you can build yourself better. Envy can be a barometer to measure your secret yearnings. Use this as a catalyst and make positive changes in your life until you are content.
Sabung Ayam
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