Sinopec Ethylene Production In 2009 Rose 6.74% – Chemical Industry – Arm Splint Manufacturer

HC Chemical Network News, Sinopec announced on January 20, 2009 production and business data, last year Crude Processing capacity of 1.8262 million tons, up 6.7%; China Oil Sales 1.2402 million tons, up only 0.85% growth.

Industry, said Sinopec data published in line with expectations, only Natural gas Lower than expected yield of early, only 298.99 billion cubic meters, up by only 2.02%, mainly due to the original plan Puguang gas production this year, but for various reasons has not yet been formally put into making pipes.

Data show that crude oil production company in 2009 to 3.0115 million barrels, an increase of 1.47%. Oil production, Gasoline Output of 34.43 million tons, up 16.12%; diesel yield 68.86 million tons, down 1.26%. Analysts pointed out that the subject last year, domestic Economy Recovery, industrial diesel oil sales is not optimistic, and strong growth in the automotive industry is driving significant growth in gasoline sales, the major refineries have lowered diesel gasoline ratio, dynasties library promotion.

Sinopec ethylene production 6.713 million tons last year, an increase of 6.74%. Analysts said the end of 2009 and early 2010, there Sinopec Fujian Refining and Ethylene, Zhenhai Refining & Chemical 1 million tons of ethylene and three projects in Tianjin 1 million tons of ethylene production, ethylene production in 2010 is expected to surge again.

Sinopec Anqing Petrochemical 8 million tons / year refinery and petrochemical integration projects cum Chemical Industrial Zone of Anqing foundation-stone laying ceremony was held on January 18, marks another major refinery in central China’s integration project and set the oil, coal, gas and biomass resources, a comprehensive national development simultaneously Oil Chemical base to enter the construction phase.

Anqing Petrochemical 8 million tons / year refinery and petrochemical integration projects a total investment of 6.15 billion yuan, plans to build 10 sets of petrochemical equipment, transform a set of existing installations, discarded technology is relatively backward, small-scale production of 6 sets of equipment, large increase in the number Environmental protection Investment, environmental protection investment will reach 712 million yuan.

The project is expected to put into operation in September 2012, when the comprehensive processing of Anqing Petrochemical’s refining capacity from the current 5 million tons / year to expand to 800 tons / year, total gasoline and diesel will increase by 2.7 million tons / year, oil product quality standards fully meet the country 3 can alleviate the regional market center of the country between supply and demand of refined oil; sales revenue is expected to reach 40 billion yuan, profits of more than 4 billion yuan to achieve the comprehensive processing capacity of crude oil and oil quality “double upgrade” as well as sulfur dioxide and COD emissions by “double down.” At the same time, the project provides a wealth of chemical raw materials, chemical industrial zone strongly support the construction of Anqing, Anhui Province, and bring the whole chemical industry. SABUNG AYAM