six Myths and Lies About Terrorism

Think of all the funds spent on wars. Consider of the utopia we could develop with all that income. The USA alone has siphoned off some 6 trillion dollars of hard-earned taxpayers’ cash in the name of guarding its citizens from terrorists which is based on myths and lies for a number of motives. Right here are just six of those myths and lies.

1. The most significant killer of all is heart illness

There is a 17,500 odd times greater chance of you dying of heart disease than from terrorism. If the US government declared a war on heart illness perpetrators then think about the money spent on this for nuking quickly food chains worldwide in proportion to that on fighting terrorism!

Then there is an eight occasions greater likelihood of you acquiring killed by police than terrorism, but you by no means hear of police stations getting nuked!

-Seriously although, my point is that the death from terrorism statistic is nothing at all compared to other causes of death: Hence the six trillion dollars spent on justifying the claim there are all these terrorists about is a lie and a myth.

2. Protection from terrorists

Do not kid yourself that the invasion of other nations, the indiscriminate killing of innocent guys, women and youngsters is for protection from terrorists. This is a false pretext and the actions are indeed illegal and immoral.

3. The claim that terrorists are violating human rights living in creating nations is a myth and a lie.

There is a ton of proof to show that most despotic tyrants place in charge of these developing countries have been secretly backed and installed by the might of the western globe powers that be, the US in particular.

four. The real terrorists

The real terrorists are those in government workplace, heads of multinational corporations and economic institutions. These folks are the ones accountable for so a lot misery, suffering and death due to their exploitation of most of the world’s populace. We need to be seeing these men and women behind bars.

five. 911 -The prima facie to justify the war on terrorism – more myths and lies

Yes, we know that there is irrefutable evidence to show that 911 was an inside job making the war on terrorism a false pretext. The related myths and lies to this have been used to warrant illegal immoral invasions of nations, develop police militarization, take away our freedoms, allow torture, destroy the constitution and spy on ordinary citizens to the fullest spectrum…

6. it’s not about the war on terrorism. It’s about the war on humanity

-In the end it is all about the global domination and handle agenda perpetrated by a small quantity of diabolical, narcissistic, parasitical and predatory people in energy. In impact and in so many approaches they are pointing a gun at our heads, expecting us to comply in misery and servitude…

Going back to what I wrote earlier: Feel of the utopia we could create if these war mongering parasites have been banished and if we took back our rightful sovereign ownership of this planet… We-the-people have in apathy let it slip into this ‘Hell on Earth’ scenario, too programmed, brainwashed and into the issues that are unimportant in life to see the cancer that pervades this planet named statism…

-Even so, these items serve as a cue to ‘rise up’ and from the realizations take back our rightful sovereign ownership of this planet…