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:] April 8, the domestic color TV maker Skyworth held in Shenzhen will be cum new customers General Assembly, officially announced the transformation of LED, and introduced the world’s first open embedded single-chip high-definition one cool machine E80 series. The product without the use of set-top box, you can watch high-definition channels directly. E80 series television was born to overturn the traditional television viewing mode, open a new era of high definition television. Skyworth cool to open one machine covers 32-55 inch high-definition
, May 1 Golden Week will be listed in the national grand.

Skyworth the world’s first integrated single-chip high-definition computer came

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This new release, Skyworth Group, all high-level participation, and signed superstar Jay Chou as Skyworth TV image of the spokesperson for the new products to market and encouraging fuel. Skyworth Group president Zhang Xuebin said in the speech, “Skyworth by the
The transition to the LED, after three years of careful preparation, cool open LED category Accumulate. One machine in the cool open HD 2,3 months before the birth, have launched the world’s first cool on talk TV, China’s first home 3DLED TV. Just three months, three sub-categories of television wonderful debut, and thus lay the cool open a complete product line of LED based. Time is short, fast frequency, the product weight given is rare in the industry, Skyworth played a fantastic set of ‘combination punches’. “

Synthesizer?? Single-chip

It is understood that one machine to cool to open high-definition professional cool open network support, the world’s first embedded ALL-HD digital core, without set-top box, using a remote control can be achieved on cable and terrestrial wireless digital signal full HD solution program, direct view HD channels. Simultaneous Internet data exchange, Internet movies, at home, K songs, music albums and other multimedia entertainment solution.

Skyworth the world’s first integrated single-chip high-definition computer came

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Learned, one machine cool to open high-definition high-integrated single-chip solution?? ALL-HD system, full HD is a digital cable signals and terrestrial wireless digital signal reception, decoding, display, realization of full digital processing system platform Cheng Gaoqing . Can effectively solve the use of set-top boxes to watch digital TV, high-definition channels fail to see the two remote control difficult to operate, occupy space unsightly, connect complex issues such as signal loss, to the effect of TV signal of zero losses.

Skyworth executives Zhang Xuebin, Yang Dongwen, Liu Tang-chi new start together for the joystick, cool to open one machine showed in HD. Compared with LCD TV, integrated machine for simple and beautiful, collection of intelligence, have obvious advantages: only
Power supply
Line and a signal line, slim is simple and beautiful with rhyme; and LCD TV vine-like wound 45 lines, messy connected to power and a “big tail” set-top boxes, looks messy, clumsy ugly.
Unique advantage of years of precipitation

Skyworth TV Business Division President Yang Dongwen to reporters, “ALL-HD system, full HD is Skyworth R & D Center, Digital Corporation, the upstream companies, the program together, three-year joint research and development. Cool to open one machine appear HD the end user to use the traditional set-top box to watch TV programs in history. Skyworth one machine in high definition on the technical reserves and production capabilities far ahead of other manufacturers in the industry. “

According to reports, Skyworth one machine in the TV industry R & D has a unique advantage. Skyworth Digital’s 1997 digital television began research in the field, is the first digital television research and development in one of the core R & D team of over 400 people, in the decoding of one machine has many years of technical precipitation, leading R & D, full integration with the international latest technology. Skyworth Digital currently has 100 patents and software copyrights, patents is the largest supplier of digital set-top box. 2009 Skyworth Digital set-top box sales and
Are on top of domestic first to achieve 400% sales growth in the domestic market share of the first three consecutive years.

Industry experts, both in technology, market, or the four major production bases Skyworth more than 20 million units with an annual output capacity of television, Skyworth HD
Number one machine
Accumulate will lead the domestic market. SABUNG AYAM