Slimming Jeans – Facts You Should be Aware of

Not all of us are born with legs that are worthy to be insured. In fact, most of us aren’t (and that’s encouraging to know). While we do our best to perform exercises that can give us vava-voom legs, results are never instantaneous. Sometimes, we can’t even get the kind of lean look we want simply because of our inherent physiques. Those with large bone structures can never expect to have model-thin legs.

Thankfully, we don’t always have to go for cosmetic surgery to achieve slimmer thighs. Carefully chosen cuts of jeans will still give any woman that figure-flattering look for far less cost. Aside from these traditional cuts, new technology that has the ability to manufacture “shapewear” clothes can even make you look thinner by as much as one full size. Jeans that sculpt the body through the use of different technology-powered cuts and designs promise not only to tuck the tummy but lift the butt up as well.

If you’re going shopping this weekend, and want to create the effect of longer, slimmer legs, then consider these flattering cuts:

* Dark colored, slightly boot-cut jeans in mid-rise styles give a woman a long lean look. Choosing one made of denim with a little stretch is even better. The stretch further holds you up as it gives your legs a slimming look. This is highly recommended for chubbier and heavy-boned women.

* Baggy and cuffed boyfriend jeans aren’t only for screaming teenagers. As long as you don’t use low-rise styles or deliberately torn designs, boyfriend jeans can actually make your legs look longer since it folds at mid-calf. Pairing it with a tight-fit blouse or baby tees and high heels will definitely give you a chick look that’s long and lean.

* For a laid back look in the office on weekends, try black jeans with trouser styling. It has a flat front, slit pockets and a wide waistband that gives the illusion of length. Wear it with a perfectly-fit blouse and you’re good to go!

* For those with flat butts, wearing jeans that fit at the waist will never fail to give you that pulled- up look that instantly creates curves, making your legs instantly long and lean.

* Skinny jeans that stop at the ankle give the illusion of longer and slimmer legs. It’s a versatile look that you can wear with flats and a tee for morning lunches and with heels and a tailored blouse and blazer for a night out of town. Shorter women will love this look as it not only makes their legs appear longer, it also makes them look taller overall.

Here’s one final piece of fashion advice if you’d like to take it: While wearing appropriately-cut jeans will give your legs a longer look, don’t forget that in order to look great, you must draw attention to the best part of your body. Thus, if you have gorgeous eyes, put the focus there. By doing so, you won’t have to worry if people think you’re wearing the right pair of jeans.
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