Small Business Opportunities – Find the Best Business to Start For Under $100

If you’re searching for small business opportunities that require minimal start up cash, I have great news. Find the best business to start for less than $ 100 right here! Before we take a look at my top pick, let’s examine the #1 factor for successfully starting and growing a small business — MONEY. You need money to:

start your business,
gain customers;
grow your business.

We’ve all heard the cliche: “it takes money to make money” – and it’s true for the most part. Money fuels and facilitates the growth of your new enterprise. This is why so many people dream of starting a business, but few ever actually take the plunge.

So, how can you successfully start a business, even if you have very little money? The answer is in:

Finding profitable, shoestring start up small business opportunities.
Discovering how you can greatly reduce and eliminate many of your start up costs.
Learning how to continue to grow your small business through the use of bootstrap financing.

Best Business to Start With Less than $ 100.

Move In/Move Out Cleaning Service – This is one of my recommendations for the best business to start for under $ 100! It gets my top rating because, (1) it requires very little money to start, (2) you can start up immediately; and (3) you can continue to grow this business by bootstrapping. Advertising and promotion for this business is also quite easy and affordable.

Marketing Tips to Help Get You Started

Finding customers for a Move In/Move Out Cleaning Service needn’t break the bank. Try forming partnerships with other related businesses, offering them a commission or referral fee. Here are some possible partners:

Apartment Finding Services
Construction Companies and Small Home Builders
Moving Companies
Moving Truck Rental Companies
Self-Storage Facilities

Take the Entrepreneurial Plunge!

Get started on the road to financial freedom TODAY – even if you have very little money, poor credit or don’t own your own home. Bootstrapping is the key to start up success.