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Temple missed two opportunities to become king of the solar industry

Comments: Temple of solar energy in solar energy industry has created more than the first, but has repeatedly missed opportunities, failed to become the solar industry king. Tempe biggest mistake is not the technology itself in the market lead time into the consumer mind in the Temple on the formation of a strong brand. Leader in technology, while not complete in the mind of the consumer to establish a strong brand. It also gave other manufacturers a reminder of the industry, how to stand out in similar products, how to maximize their own advantages to play a role in the market leadership position to occupy.

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Knock heavy attack Sakura Sakura

Comments: “famous Pong” in the home appliance industry is not new, and in many cities, many well-known brands are “
. “Most well-known companies have expressed a headache, if the system is carried out fake job,” see a play a “waste of time, results were not evident. Therefore, most companies have expressed scratching their heads.
WeiChu insisted on legal action against counterfeit brand activist, has been any “cherry”, “Nantong Sakura”, “Taiwan Sakura,” “mostly Sakura,” the court verdict, trademark infringement, the infringer to immediately stop the production unit ,
Infringing goods, and compensation Sakura certain economic losses. If all is counterfeit brand can act, then this phenomenon will be famous waterfront effective containment.

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Solar water heaters the most critical service to rural areas

Comments: The official launch of the recent national
Solar water heaters
Appliances to the countryside policies, according to forecasts, this policy can drive sales volume growth of 10%. Different from a lot of plug
Power supply
After debugging, you can use simple household appliances, solar water heater installation must be combined with the consumer environment in different installation by a professional installation and after-sale personnel
. Therefore, in addition to products other than its own comprehensive quality, installation and after-sales service is especially important. The winning companies have also done a different preparation and support work.

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Appliances to the countryside is hard to change the market structure Cooker

Comment: In the
List of successful home appliances to the countryside, in addition to Fuji Po, Sunpentown and other old appliance brand, has emerged
, Pentium, 9 Yang brands. SABUNG AYAM