Smart Women Know Success Leaves Clues

Have you ever wondered what the real secret to success is?  Do you ever read articles about women entrepreneurs who’ve accomplished their dreams and think, “Now how did she do that?”  I know I have.  I’m always in search of better, more effective ways to achieve my goals both personally and professionally and I look to women who’ve walked the path of entrepreneurship before me.  The good news is success leaves clues and if you’re open to hearing what other successful women entrepreneurs share about their journey, you can save yourself a lot of time (& money).
Last week, I attended a women’s conference where I had the opportunity to hear from a powerful group of women who’ve achieved an enormous amount of success in business.  Each woman represented a different industry from clothing, NY Times best-selling author to food service. What I found interesting was they all shared similar “gold nuggets” in their business advice and insight.  Who were these women?  Just to name a few, Liz Lange, Candace Bushnell and Nadja Piatka.  All three women have been a guest on the Oprah show and their businesses have become an international success.  They know business.
What I learned may surprise you.  You may think that what’s preventing you from achieving your Big Ideas, Dreams and Goals is something outside of your control.  It’s certainly easy to blame others or circumstances for lack of success in life and business.  I, too, have had times in my life when placing blame on outside circumstances was convenient but certainly not very helpful.  Once again, I was reminded by these super successful women that success is an “inside” game.
If you’ve been wondering how to take an ordinary idea and turn it into an extraordinary business, read on.  These 9 clues to success are guaranteed to give you the edge when it comes to making your Big Ideas, Dreams and Goals a reality:

1.  Decide – The women were very clear about their decision to become an entrepreneur.  There was no turning back.  They were focused on making their business dreams and goals happen.  Period.

2.  Live in Optimism – Each one of them spoke about the power of optimism and this one style of behavior helped them in times of challenge and struggle in their business (especially early on in the start-up phase).

3.  Maintain Unshakeable Belief – I had a mentor once who used to say, “people are looking for the chink in your armor.”  It’s not what you say about your business that will attract people; it’s how you feel about what you say.  These women had unshakeable belief about their business goals from the very start.

4.  Take Inspired Action
– There is a difference between action and inspired action.  Do you get up every day with energy and passion for your business or do you hit the snooze button most days?  Do you feel inspired when you get into your office or does it feel like a “ball and chain?”  These women love what they do and it shows.

5.  Follow your “gut” – Whether you are in the start-up phase or ready to take your business to the next level of success, trust your instincts.

6.  ASK – This was BIG.  These women were not afraid to share their ideas with anyone.  They developed a marketing message about their mission and shared it everywhere they went with anyone who would listen.  Challenge yourself to ask more often for what you want in business and life.

7.  Get Uncomfortable – It’s essential that you get comfortable with being uncomfortable.  When we’re comfortable, that’s a big clue that we’re not growing.  The only way to experience real personal and business growth is to challenge yourself on a regular basis.

8.  COI – Sit down and make a list of your “centers of influence.”  These people are admired and respected in your community and area of business.  Make a commitment to contact them and share your Big Ideas, Dreams and Goals.  I will share from my own personal experience that this one tip has taken my business from “surviving” to “thriving.” 

9.  Pay Attention – To your clients and customers.  Once you begin to gain momentum in your business, pay attention to what your clients and customers have to say.  They will tell you what they want and how they want it delivered.  Survey your clients at least once a year to find out what they love about your business and how you can better serve them.

These 9 success clues were basic threads that ran through each speaker’s presentation.  Here’s what I love about them; They are low-cost to no-cost and as expected, come from within you.  All you need to do is decide.  Make a decision about achieving your own level of success (whatever that means to you) and follow these easy-to-implement clues to take your Big Idea, Dreams and Goals from “surviving” to “thriving.”

Anything is possible.  Everything is waiting for you.


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