So Did “Shutter Island” Stutter?

Why are mental institutions for the criminally insane always on islands that have eerie names? I mean is that such a good idea? These people are violent as it is, maybe an island like Fluffy Island or Puppy Island might be a better idea. Wrecking havoc on an island like that might not really gain support from all the other violent inmates. I’m just saying.

So yeah Leo Cap plays Teddy Daniels a federal marshal that was sent to investigate the disappearance of Rachel Solando a patient at Ashecliff Hospital for the criminally insane. He is sent with his partner Chuck Aule played by Mark Ruffalo to find how she seemed to have vanished from a sealed room.

Ghandi I mean Ben Kingsley is Dr. John Cawley (sorry that movie has kind of really stuck to him) the lead psychiatrist on the island. The film also stars Michelle Williams, Emily Mortimer and is directed by Martin Scorsese.

Sound pretty good right? I mean everything is in place. Crazy people, eerie island, unexplainable mystery. I would normally love plots like this. That starts out with something impossible and then tries to explain it bit by bit. Pealing away layer by layer and it just keeps you wondering. The fact there is a hurricane and its raining all the time just adds to the feel. I mean you have to make it rain right? Its mandatory in stories like this. Right next to Bollywood movies and boy band videos. You know its going to start raining at some point you just don’t know exactly when.

So the stage is set for pretty good suspense thriller type movie. Unfortunately in a movie thats about crazy people you can’t believe anything. All though out the film you will be guessing what’s real and whats not. However even then you can still almost guess the ending. M Night Shyamalan has to take some responsibility for ruining the way we watch movies at eventually. Its like we never want to be caught of guard with the whole “Oh so Bruce Willis is a ghost? I didn’t see that coming” moment again.

Anyway by Leo’s standards this might not be one of his best movies. With the exception of that 3 hour chick flick Titanic that we were all forced to watch by our girlfriends his movies have generally been quite spot on.

Worth your time to watch it in the cinema? Not quite in my opinion. It’s very slow and at some parts draggy. There really isn’t much story to go around so they fill it up with excessive flashbacks. If you liked “Identity” starring John Cusack though you probably would like this movie. I got the exact same feel all the way.

Its not a terrible movie but I would have waited for the DVD.

My review rating is

3.0 / 5.0
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