So Is A Water To Fuel Conversion The Real Deal?

If we, the general public, can accept that a major change in the fuel system of our vehicles is available to us NOW then why are governments all around the world not joining in the fray in support especially so considering that delegates from the majority of countries (180) around the globe made such a fuss about attending a huge “freebie” on how to combat global warming and carbon gas emissions on the paradise island of Bali in Dec ’07.

Just one little point here, every taxpayer in those 180 countries has been paying tax each year to send those delegates to these conferences, held in various locations annually around the world since the 1997 Kyoto meeting. While all this talking at conferences has been going on how has it affected most people so far; whilst fuel prices have had a dip or two over the years we are now paying record prices at the pumps for our motoring fuel while carbon gas emissions and global warming still go on regardless.

Cars have been around now for approx. 100 years, the engine of the car has hardly changed its basic concept-that it requires either petrol or diesel to operate.
While there is new technology being discovered every day in all fields:-medicine, aerospace, food manufacturing, agriculture etc: why on earth do we not accept that the technology of the car engine moves on. Basic answer- governments and big business (the oil companies) do not want any change. Well on this ocassion they have one big problem that makes opposition to the water-fuel conversion movement more difficult in that its no one person holding a patent or registered design because its all open information. It doesn’t need development money as its here with us NOW.

When water-to-fuel conversion companies can tell you for a very small price how to make your own kit or you can purchase a full d-i-y kit and have it fitted for a reasonably small sum, how are the big boys going to substantiate their argument for not getting on board and for not only reducing the financial burden of owning a vehicle but also to play a major part in improving and not further destroying the environment of our planet.

One should not be naive and underestimate government thinking. Who knows, if they do think that the water-fuel conversion system is the “Real Deal” they will already be planning to make up the lost tax revenue resulting from less fuel purchased at the pumps.

The only way to win in this situation is to take advantage of the technology involved in the water-fuel conversion system and enjoy the benefits of much improved fuel consumption for your motor for years to come while making a positive contribution to the enviroment by causing less climate change through reduced gas emissions. It should be carefully noted that governments worldwide are now reviewing imposing draconian taxes on vehicles emitting above limit carbon gas emissions.
Sabung Ayam